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If you have a bottle of shaving cream and a kid, you have hours of fun ahead of you! Read on for 6 fabulously fun activities to do with kids and shaving cream.

  1. Shaving cream on the table
    This is as straight forward as it sounds. Simply put a pile of shaving cream on the table and let your child go to town. Children not only love how shaving cream feels between their fingers, but this is also a fun way to explore writing letters or creating images. Use your finger as your “pencil” and draw on shaving cream spread out on the table.
  2. Shaving cream in a plastic baggie
    All you need for this fun with shaving cream is some food coloring and a plastic baggie. Squirt some shaving cream in the bag, add a few drops of food coloring, zip the bag closed and let your child mix it all around. This is a great activity to learn about mixing primary colors to make new colors—put a few drops of two primary colors (red, yellow or blue) in the bag and let your child mix to see what new color is created!
  3. Shaving cream in the bathtub
    Once your child is in the bathtub, add shaving cream to the water and even the walls.
  4. Shaving cream outside-on a shower curtain!
    Take an old shower curtain outside and lay it on the lawn. Cover the shower curtain with shaving cream. Then, let your children take off their shoes and socks to walk through the shaving cream. Talk about some ooey, gooey fun!
  5. Toys in shaving cream
    Use a tray, plate, or even the table and put shaving cream on it. Then let your child drive cars and trucks through the shaving cream. Or your child can use toy animals to have them walk through the shaving cream.
  6. Shaving cream hide and seek toys
    Take a plastic container, fill it with shaving cream and hide some toys in it. Then, let your child rummage through the shaving cream to find the missing toys.