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One evening while I was enjoying one of our Hot Cocoa Bombs I thought to myself “Why not add some Bailey’s INTO the cocoa bombs?!” That way I can take it up just a notch and enjoy some boozy goodness.

After trial and error, this is the absolute best way to make Boozy Hot Cocoa Bombs.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Start by melting chocolate flavored almond bark. I love real chocolate too but almond bark is just less fussy and easier to work with. Spoon a small amount of the melted almond bark into each half-sphere mold.

Using a pastry or basting brush, paint the almond bark up around the sides of the mold, making sure to get it all the way to the top. Once they’re all brushed, let them cool.

While your half-spheres are cooling, add a mini or one shot of your choice of alcohol to 4 Tablespoons of Hot Cocoa Mix.

We used Bailey’s and Peppermint Vodka but a Berry or Vanilla Flavored vodka would also be amazing, even Butterscotch Schnapps!

Mix together until it’s a thick syrup consistency. If it’s too thin, add more cocoa mix. It should resemble Hershey’s chocolate syrup.

Peel each chocolate half sphere from the silicone mold and set aside.

Warm-up a plate using hot water running on it for 1 minute. (You can also use a warm pan on the stove for this)

Place a half-sphere flat side down on the hot plate until the rough edges melt away.

Fill half sphere with the alcohol syrup you made, almost to the top. Then melt a second half-sphere, making sure to melt the rough edges and place them on top of your filled half sphere.

If the seam isn’t fully sealed with them melted almond bark, take a little melted almond bark from your plate and rub it on to the seam.

Then decorate as you please! We drizzled with white chocolate and green colored white chocolate on the Bailey’s bombs and white chocolate drizzle with crushed peppermint candies sprinkled on top.

Each shot of alcohol or mini will make 4-5 bombs worth of syrup.

DISCLAIMER: These bombs are made to use within a few days, or a week if refrigerated.

Perfect to make ahead for a party or to take over to neighbors and friends!

The Peppermint Cocoa Bombs are SO delicious. The absolute epitome of a hot holiday cocktail and the perfect treat while you sit by the fire.

The Bailey’s Hot Cocoa Bombs are the coziest drink. The Bailey’s makes the cocoa smooth and creamy and I can’t wait to make some for Christmas Day Brunch!

Boozy Hot Cocoa Bombs

Hot Cocoa Bombs aren't just for the kids!
These Boozy Bombs pack a punch inside and they make the best gifts or (adult) party favors.
Serve them at a holiday party or Christmas morning brunch!
Ideas of liquor to add:
Peppermint Schnapps
Butterscotch Schnapps
Vanilla Vodka
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Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 1 hr
Course Drinks
Cuisine American
Servings 4


  • Silicone Sphere Chocolate mold, 2”-3” spheres
  • Pastry or Basting Brush


  • Chocolate Almond Bark
  • 4 TBSP Hot Cocoa Mix We Use Nesquik
  • 1 Shot Liquor of your Choice


  • Start by melting a few squares of each almond bark separately in microwave-safe bowls.
  • Spoon a little bit of the melted almond bark into each sphere, then use the basting brush (or the back of your spoon… I just found a brush to be better) to paint the melted almond bark all around each sphere, up to the top edges.
  • Let almond bark cool and harden.
  • Gently pop each sphere out by pressing on the backside of each mold.
  • Warm-up your frying pan for a minute or two on medium heat, then turn off the heat OR warm up a plate with hot water for 1 minute, then dry it off.
  • Quickly place each sphere half-open side down onto the warm frying pan or plate, allowing the rough edges to melt away, and then quickly pick up and set aside. Do this with half of your spheres.
  • In a small bowl, combine 4 Tablespoons of cocoa mix with 1 shot of liquor (or one mini single bottle). Stir to combine and add extra cocoa mix if needed. It should be the consistency of Hershey's chocolate syrup.
  • Pour your syrup into one of your half spheres, almost to the top.
  • Now take the other half of your molds and melt the rough edges. While the almond bark is still warm and melted on the edges, place on top of one of your filled sphere halves. Press together lightly and then wipe a clean finger around the edges to clean up the lines of melted almond bark. Let cool. Repeat with the rest of the spheres and syrup.
  • Decorate as you wish.
  • To use your cocoa bombs, place one into a mug. Heat up your desired type of milk, 8oz for each bomb. Bring your milk almost to a simmer, then remove from heat and pour over your cocoa bomb. Stir and watch as it turns into delicious hot cocoa!
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