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I have a love affair that I wanna shout about from the rooftops.

I LOVE boon.

Oh, boon.
 And your adorable Squirt spoon. Sigh.

I knew that when my son was ready for solids, I wanted nothing but the best for him. Best meaning MY cooking. I did all the research, made the food, then realized that the nice thing about the pre-made food is it’s accessibility, and the ease to just pop a jar into your diaper bag and be on your way. But! boon makes it easier. No kidding! Meet: The Squirt spoon!



This sweet little number is all in one! It’s a spoon AND food storage, and it comes with a lid you snap on the spoon so theres no dribbles of mashed peas inside your cute diaper bag (yes, I know worse gets dribbled into/onto diaper bags, but it’s one less green stain…).
The bulb handle is hollow, and you fill it with any baby food you like. When it comes time to eat, you squeeze the bulb and the food magically appears. Ok. Not magically. Theres a little hole between the handle and the spoon tip that allows for food to come out. You can squeeze out a little or fill that baby up if you have a child who prefers a mouthful like my hungry man.

There’s a lid that snaps on easy peasy, and keeps everything in it’s place. I never had dribble problems. Well, not with the spoon.

They are super modern looking, and are available in so many colors! It is BpA-free, Phthalate-free and PVC-free, and DISHWASHER SAFE! Hallelujah!

My one and only complaint (is this even a complaint or am I silly for not seeing this coming) would be that once you start to get a little chunkier with your baby food, chunks get stuck in the hole and with enough pressure your baby has a face full of food.

My son ended up with a face full ‘o’ chicken with squash.
Should have seen it coming?

As a mom on the go all the time, this little gem kept me sane and happy because I could bring my homemade food just as easy as the jarred stuff!

You can purchase the spoon on amazon here: Boon Squirt Baby Food Dispensing Spoon

We own a lot of their products, and I’ll talk about more later…the Squirt spoon needed it’s own post.


* I was not compensated in any way for this post. We own and used Boon Squirt Spoons and LOVE them.