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If you are looking for an all-in-one carrier that will work for your infant all the way through preschool, have I got a carrier to tell you about–the Boba 3 G Carrier. A soft, structured carrier designed to work for infants (seven pounds and up), without an insert, and toddlers/preschoolers up to 45 lbs, the Boba 3G Carrier is the only carrier you will ever need.

I am an avid baby and toddler wearer. The owner of multiple carriers, I find myself reaching for the Boba Carrier almost exclusively. It is easily my favorite soft-structure carrier. I especially love it for trips to the zoo (it keeps my son at my level so he can see the animals easily) or trips on planes and trains!

Boba understands that as a parent you need to be able to move around, and that babies are much happier when they’re close to you. Our products are all designed to maximize your freedom as well as the calming and nurturing effects of keeping your child close to you.

Our Boba baby wrap and baby carrier offer you the ability to maintain an active lifestyle, with a carrier that matches. Our goal is to meet your needs of security and function.

When Christopher was a newborn and young infant, I used the Sleepy Wrap (now Boba Wrap), before moving on to using the Boba Carrier 2G. I loved the carrier and still use it with my 21-month-old, 26 lb toddler. Christopher is an active, adventurous, toddler. He is always on the go. The Boba Carrier provides a way for us to cuddle and for me to keep him close in public places. I thought there wasn’t much that could be better about the Boba  2G until I tried the Boba 3G.

There are many features I love about the Boba 3G. It has all the great features I love about the Boba 2G while adding new, fabulous features such as pockets! I don’t like to carry much (other then Christopher), so adding the pockets is the best thing Boba did to improve their carrier. I can now pop Christopher in the carrier with only having to buckle to buckles, throw my keys, phone and wallet into the pockets and be on my way. Perfect!

The Boba 3G is able to be adjusted without the use of an insert to be used with infants weighing at least seven pounds. This feature makes the Boba carrier the only carrier you will ever need! With straps that adjust easily, nursing in the carrier is second nature, and it also has a hood for when your infant is sleeping.

Another feature that sets the Boba 3G Carrier apart from other carriers is the foot straps. Placing feet in foot straps puts a child’s legs in a natural position to fill out the hip sockets and align the spine.
I also love that it’s easy to wear my child on my front and back. You can read about all the features that make the Boba 3G Carrier outstanding on their website.

You can purchase the Boba 3G Carrier directly from their website. You can also follow the Boba Family on Facebook and Twitter.

*I received the Boba 3G product for review but the opinions are my own.