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Want to wow dad with a dessert that your kids will LOVE to help with this Father’s Day?

I’ve been inspired by all the rainbow and ombre cakes on Pinterest lately and decided to do a cupcake version in shades of blue! (True confession: I tried the rainbow cake and ended up with a psychedelic pile of rainbow crumbs, but I’ll save that for another blog.)

I decided cupcakes would be easier for kids (and me) for this project, and I was right. This was super simple, but the end result looks (and tastes) amazing!

 Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 white cake mix, plus eggs and oil required on package directions
  • Mason jars
  • 1 can white frosting
  • ribbon
  • Three shades of blue food coloring


1. Mix cake up as directed on box.

2. Divide batter into three bowls. Add blue food coloring in three shades (light, medium and dark) to each bowl.

3. Line cupcake tins with liners and fill (should make 24 cupcakes).

4. When cupcakes are done, allow them to cool. Then slice off top. Frost lightest cupcake with frosting and place it in the bottom of a Mason jar. Do the same with medium-shaded cupcake and place on top. Finally, place the darkest cupcake on top and spread a little more frosting so it’s covered.

5. Tie a white ribbon around the jar and, voila! Instant, gorgeous dessert!

**Serve with a spoon and eat directly out of jar.

You can make as many of the jars as you’d like or just a few and frost the remaining cupcakes with the leftover icing. They’re blue, so they are still going to be festive!