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We travel a lot. With family all over the United States, we spend a lot of time on the road to see Grandma & Grandpa, Aunts, Uncles and cousins. After many many trips with kids, we’ve got it down to a science as far as packing, planning and timing for every trip we take. We’ve also learned how to keep the peace with our kids, even on longer road trips.

My biggest tip for more peaceful road trips without too much chaos isto give the kids some control. Let them choose some sights to see, maybe even give them a map if they’re at an age that they’d be interested (This is my oldest son’s favorite thing to do on road trips!) and let them choose what to do in the car! Let them pack their own car bags full of fun things to do, let them choose movies to bring or load onto a tablet, let them choose a coloring book to pack…if they choose, it will help them get more excited to use it!

For each trip, we let the kids pack their own trip packs with books, activities and toys they want to bring along.

My youngest packed his own bag for our most recent trip and it made me giggle as I opened to see what he’d chosen: a piece of fruit from our play kitchen, a dress up beard, somewhere near 50 little cars and his buddies Tinky Winky and Laa-Laa! Packing toys for a roadtrip

He’s been taking his talking Teletubbies buddies with him wherever he goes lately so it was no surprise to me that he included them in his pack to bring on vacation. They’re adorable and each say several phrases when you give their belly a squeeze, but by far my son’s favorite is Tinky Winky when he says his name in a sassy tone.

Toys keep the boys pretty busy in the car but we have the inevitable tantrums and boredom every single road trip. That’s when I resort to videos. We make sure to rotate the DVDs  we have in the car before each trip with new discs the kids will be interested in, and since my two little guys have been asking for nothing but Teletubbies lately, we stocked the DVD book with some of our new Teletubbies favorites.Watching Movies on a roadtrip

With the 20th Anniversary of the Teletubbies upon us, we are celebrating 20 Years of Big Hugs along with our big snuggly friends by bringing along our Teletubbies: Big Hugs DVD! The boys all love this DVD, filled with six episodes that will make your children want to give big hugs all around. The episode they seem to always want to watch on repeat is “Babies”-they just LOVE everything baby and my car has been filled with “Awwww, so cute!” and “Oh the baby is laughing!”. Also included as a special feature is the “Big Hugs” song-a new favorite for dance party time around here.

Not only are the Teletubbies available on DVD, they are back with newly reimagined content on NickJr Weekdays for your little kids to enjoy daily! The show that kids loved so dearly 20 years ago is back for kids today to love again. Don’t miss it, your preschooler will just fall in love with Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po!Teletubbies in the car

Bring Big Hugs and adorable plushes along on your next trip with the kids and keep things just a little more peaceful!

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