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Getting ready in the morning is a task many moms ask about. How do you get ready in the morning with kids running around?

It’s easy to fall into the undone hair and make-up look as a mom, but I have found some tried-and-true hair styles that take little time to do in the morning (let’s be honest … sometimes it’s the afternoon), and the Big Top Bun has quickly become my favorite go-to because it takes no time and looks good.

Here’s what you need:

• One hair band
• A few bobby pins
• A clean sock that is close to your hair color (white if you are blonde and brown/black for darker hair. For red hair, try for a brown or tan sock.)

How to do it:

1. Take your sock, and DO NOT tell my husband I stole his brown socks.

2. Cut off the toes.

3. Roll it into itself from the end you just cut all the way to the top to make a scrunchie looking thing.


4. Now, pull your hair up into a high ponytail with your hair band.

5. Pull your sock scrunchie over the hair band.

6. Let your hair fall all over the sock.

7. Wrap your hair around the sock until you get to the ends, and pin the ends into the bun.

8. Pin any loose pieces, and you can pin the bottom of the bun to your hair for extra support too!

Voila! You’re one step closer to being ready, and it took less than five minutes!

Roll a second sock on top of the first if you prefer a bigger bun, and if you want to create the sock bun look for your daughter, use a child’s sock so that her bun doesn’t look ridiculous.