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My family goes big for halloween. I love getting creative and letting my kids get silly with fun costumes that they look forward to helping me plan every year! We let the kids help come up with the theme and we help to make it come to life. Here are a few ideas of amazing sibling costumes your kids can rock for Halloween!
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Marty & Doc Brown from Back to the FutureDIY Sibling Halloween Costume: Back To The Future 3A few years ago, my older son was watching Back to the Future with us and declared that he loved Marty McFly and wanted to be him for Halloween. So we made it happen. Click the image for my whole tutorial on how we brought the costumes to life!

Calvin & Hobbessibling-costume-idea-calvin-hobbesWell, if that’s not the most adorable little duo…I can’t handle the perfect real life version of everyone’s favorite dreaming boy and his tiger.

Jareth & Toby from Labrynthsibling-costume-idea-labrynthYou remind me of the babe…babe with the power. All of my 80’s dreams just came true with these little ones!

Lions, Tigers and Da BearsOur Halloween Candy Barter System 2Last year, my oldest was hell bent on being a football player for Halloween, but that’s just not creative enough for our crazy family! We had a Lions player, a Bengals (Tigers) player and Mike Ditka, famed coach of Da Bears football team! We purchased the jerseys on Amazon (Lions, Bengals) and my mother crocheted the Bears Sweater Vest. We used face paint for a mustache and undereye grease.

Little Red Riding Hood, The Wolf & The Huntsmansibling-costume-idea-red-ridinghood-wolf-lumberjackYou can’t go wrong with nursery rhymes, and this family doesn’t disappoint!

A League Of Their Ownsibling-costume-idea-league-of-their-ownThe only thing cuter than this would be when the baby cries…”There’s no crying in baseball!”

The Sandlotsibling-costume-idea-the-sandlotThis is one I’ve kept in my back pocket for a while and I joke that I need to wait till we have a few more boys. This would be adorable with any number of boys and girls, and momma could go as Wendy Peffercorn!

Shadowssibling-costume-idea-shadowsLOVE this. How unique?! Not sure my kids would love the morph suits over their faces but what a great idea.

Elderly Toddlerselderly-toddlers-costumeI can’t. This is one of the best things I’ve ever seen. The walkers, the rollers, the pearls and robe…perfection.

Mary Poppins, Bert & A Penguinmary-poppins-bert-costumesAnother classic film! These gorgeous costumes were all handmade by one of my favorite sew-bloggers! So fun, and you can expand with Jane & Michael Banks if you have more kids!

Rock, Paper, Scissorsrock-paper-scissors-costumesThe coolest threesome!

Camper Trailer, Campfire, Marshmallowsibling-costumes-campersThis has to be THE MOST unique sibling costumes I’ve ever seen! I’m smitten with the camper trailer (which they made to match their real life trailer!) and how awesome to include the campfure and baby marshmallow!

PJ MasksPJ Masks Joins the Disney Lineup this Fall 2PJ Masks is one of the best new kids’ shows out there right now and has a huge following! Check out our full tutorial on how to create the coolest PJ Masks costumes yourself by clicking on the image above!