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I have two boys, so naturally I dread cleaning their bathroom. I am not quite sure how two boys could be so messy when there isn’t really much in their bathroom to make a mess of, but it happens, and often. With minimal time to spend cleaning their bathroom I started to look for ways to make life easier on both them and me when it comes to cleaning. Here are some hacks we have used that has made a world of a difference when keeping the bathroom organized.

Hanger Rod For Bathtub Toys


Keeping the bathtub free of clutter has been something that I couldn’t get a grasp of. All the toys just ended up sitting on the edges of the tub or sometimes shoved in the cups they used to rinse their hair, and more often than not, the toys had to be tossed due to mold since they weren’t able to dry properly. By using a rod, you can hang plastic crates and toss the toys in those. It’s easy for the kids to get their toys in and out of and since there are holes in the crates, the toys can properly drain.

Spice Rack Bathroom Organizer


Under the sink can sometimes be the most unorganized spot as kids just tend to throw things in there and shut the door. Out of sight, out of mind.. right? Wrong! A spice rack works great in keeping items like hair brushes, hair products, and lotions organized.

Utensil Tray For Bathroom Toiletries 


One of my biggest frustrations is how messy the drawers in the bathroom can get. No matter how nicely you place the tooth brushes and tooth paste, once the drawer is closing, things move out of place. I love this hack since it keeps items in place and it’s such an affordable thing to do. You can even change up the colors per child, since these come in all different styles and patterns nowadays.

Metal Crates For Toilet Paper And Books



Like I mentioned before, having two boys means keeping anything paper related near the toilet not a good idea. By hanging up metal crates, we decorated the void wall space and kept the items necessary still reachable and out of “harm’s” way.

As you can see we filled the crates with the books the boys love reading and Cottonelle® Mega Roll with CleanRipple Texture. Each holds 4 rolls in 1. There are more sheets in each Cottonelle® Mega Roll so changing the toilet paper roll isn’t as often and there’s less hassle, which is so important when you are a parent.


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