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There are an overwhelming amount of pregnancy items available. Creams that claim they prevent stretch marks, gels that help with swelling, and just about anything a company can do to make a quick buck without even considering the ingredients they are putting into their products.

It’s hard to narrow down what works for who, but I can tell you a brand that I trust and love. Belli Beauty cares about moms. Their goal is to support moms; future, expecting, nursing, and seasoned; by focusing on ingredient safety while providing effective and luxurious skincare solutions.   Whether you want to address stretch marks, acne, effects of sun exposure, dry skin, sensitive skin, tired eyes, or chapped lips; they have products that suite it all.

Belli was founded on a unique safety screening process to try and avoid ingredients, synthetic or natural, with known links to birth defects or harmful effects while breastfeeding.

As a result of the unique screening process, here are just a few of the red-flagged ingredients that were excluded from the pregnancy products:*

  • Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid, and Benzoyl Peroxide, common acne-fighting ingredients
  • Oxybenzone, a chemical sunscreen ingredient
  • Aloe Vera, an organic botanical ingredient known for its wound healing and anti-irritant effects
  • Rosemary, an organic herbal ingredient known for its anti-oxidant effect

You probably noticed that some of the above red-flagged ingredients are natural ingredients. The reality is that all-natural does not equal all safe.

I really love all the research that goes into their products and it gives me a peace of mind while using them no matter what stage of my mom life I am going through.

One of my absolutely FAVORITE products is the Belli Elasticity Belly Oil.


This product is like finding gold when it comes to helping to prevent stretchmarks. Belli Elasticity Belly Oil combines science and aromatherapy to effectively and luxuriously prepare the skin for stretching and maintain the look of smooth, healthy skin. This luxurious blend of pure plant extracts features scientifically researched ingredients, including Vitamin E and Gotu Kola, which help with stretchmark protection.* Cocoa butter provides deep, rich moisture.  Essential oil of lavender calms and soothes the senses, while nourishing and moisturizing to help skin stretch without damage

If that doesn’t sell you on the product alone, read all the rave reviews on the Elasticity Belly Oil on their site or Ulta’s.

Pregnancy can also dry out your skin. It is something I dealt with in my pregnancies. Belli’s Healthy Glow Facial Hydrator works miracles on your face.


Use Belli Healthy Glow Facial Hydrator morning and night and enjoy an antioxidant boost of Vitamin C and grape seed oil for radiant, healthy looking skin. Lightweight for all skin types. Healthy Glow Facial Hydrator is a favorite of moms at any age or stage searching for a healthy glow.

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I received products to review, all opinions are my own.