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I am a proud breast feeder.

Not just proud, but I love it. I love everything about nursing my children…well not everything. One day I’ll write a post about the crazy weird things I’ve been through in my breastfeeding path, but today I want to talk about how I breastfeed in publicBebe auLait

I feed my baby when he needs fed, no matter where we are. Lots of moms do, and while I’m all about doing what works best for you and your baby, I am also an extremely modest person. I am not the mom who can just whip it out and feed my baby (power to you if that’s you!!). I prefer to be covered.

When I had my first son, I covered up with large swaddling blankets in the beginning. It was easy enough, but as a first time nursing mom I had a hard time getting him to re-latch when I couldn’t see him, and I felt like I wasn’t sharing a connection as I fed him. As he got older he would pull on the blanket and expose me more than I felt comfortable with being exposed.

One day, a friend came over to our house with a gift. She brought me a beautiful Bebe auLait nursing cover because she had seen my struggles using the blanket. I ripped open the package and tried it immediately, and I was not sure why I hadn’t been using one all along!Bebe auLait LogoBebe auLait Mint Chocolate Cover

I was able to nurse in public or when we had guests over without feeling like I needed to run to my room everytime I needed to re-adjust the baby or if he pulled the blanket down!

The Bebe auLait Nursing covers are gorgeous, practical and a trendy way to stay modest while feeding your baby.

Bebe auLait Nest Cover

They are made large enough to cover you and baby so that you don’t feel exposed at all, and have a flexible plastic ring around the neckline that keeps the top of your cover open! Their patented Rigiflex technology promotes ventilation and optimal viewing of baby while you nurse, and is adjustable to be as long or short as you need! I love being able to see my baby as I nurse and feel that connection, and when you need to re-adjust or help baby latch back on, it’s simple. It has safety features built into the neckline to prevent fabric wear and tear too, so it will last a long time!! My first cover is going on 5 years and still looks brand new!

I also love that they have terry cloth backed pockets on the back of the bottom corners, a great place to store nursing pads while you feed, and an absorbent spot to use for dribble and spit up!

Bebe auLait Pocket

I’m not the only SRM editor who loves them, Jasmine also used Bebe auLait when she nursed her babies too!


Bebe auLait Nursing Covers come in so many beautiful patterns, there’s sure to be one that tickles your fancy.

Bebe auLait Covers These make the best baby shower gifts, especially when you can buy matching burp cloths!!

Nest Burp Cloth from Bebe auLait

Check them out today!


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