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If you have never heard of Beatrix New York, I suggest you get to know them. They have to be one of my favorite companies- EVER.

When my son first started kindergarten, I knew he needed a backpack that would last him throughout the school year. After searching the web, I found myself falling in love with everything Beatrix New York stands for. Not only are the designs absolutely adorable, but the quality of their products really set themselves apart from the rest. My son is more than half way through the school year and his backpack from Beatrix New York is still in perfect condition. Many kids have had to replace theirs and I am so happy that isn’t the case for us.

When I heard that Beatrix New York had recently introduced Cuddly Creatures, I immediately headed to their website. Could it be true? Are their adorable creatures finally into a stuffed animal my son can play and sleep with? Words really can not even begin to explain the excitement out of both my son and I.

“Kids love our backpacks and lunch boxes, but hugging a backpack isn’t much fun. So we’ve made some of our favorite forest creatures into squishable, squeezable, stuffed toys! These furry guys are sized for maximum huggability and are suitable for kids of all ages. There’s no plastic or other little pieces that might be swallowed. Tested lead free and phthalate free.”

My son is an absolute lady bug fan, so you can imagine his excitement when Juju made her way to our home. Juju: Mostly keeps to herself. She’s really very friendly when you get to know her, she’s just a bit shy. But don’t underestimate this humble little beetle. Juju’s got big plans. One day soon she’s going to come bursting out of her pretty red shell and conquer the whole forest with her all-girl thrash metal band. Bug-Out! Juju’s on bass.

These Cuddly Creatures are really the perfect size for any child. Both my 18 month old and my 5 year old love playing with her. The stuffed toy is not too plump, so she can even act like a pillow, which my 5 year old tends to use her as.

We can’t wait to add the rest of the Cuddly Creatures family to our collection!

To learn more about Beatrix New York and to check out their products, head to their website at: While you are there, check out their Creatures of the Forest section and let your child play around. My son loves to watch the videos.

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* I received a Cuddly Creature to review, but the opinions written above are strictly my own.