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Sometimes it’s easy to forget that our kids need just as much, or sometimes more, than we need when it comes to their bathroom. Things that go beyond the every day toothpaste, toothbrush, and soap categories. I have compiled a list of my favorite bathroom essentials I think every kids needs to have.



By now we all know books are so important in a child’s life. Whether they are reading it in the bathroom, before bed, during their free time, or even as homework, it’s a great idea to have books around to encourage children to read. I like to keep fun, age appropriate books and magazines in a basket for my children to grab and read. We keep it close to the toilet so if they decide to read one, it’s within close reach.

Toilet Paper


Toilet paper is key but not just any toilet paper! I keep the kids bathroom stocked with Cottonelle® Mega Roll with CleanRipple Texture. Each holds 4 rolls in 1. There are more sheets in each Cottonelle® Mega Roll so changing the toilet paper roll isn’t as often and there’s less hassle, which is so important when you are a parent.

Fun Shower Curtain


Keep the kids bathroom fun and decorate it with things your children enjoy. Both my boys love Star Wars so I found the perfect shower curtain to accent their bathroom with. There are so many different patterns and designs out there, even with characters, so find the style both your kids and you can agree on.



Stock up their bathtub with toys they can play, but keep in minimal. I recommend colorful letters that stick when they get wet so your kids can write messages over and over again.

Drawer Organizer


Adding a drawer organizer helps keep the drawers from getting messy. I don’t know about you but no matter how nicely I’ve placed the tooth brushes and tooth paste, once the drawer is closing, things move out of place. By adding an organizer, it’ll keep the items in place and it’s an affordable option if you use a utensil tray.

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