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Alex Toys makes some of the coolest kid’s toys out there. We love that they offer toys for every age group, from toddlers to teens and everything in between. My son was so excited to play with his Tub Tunes Symphony and Artist in the Tub Painting Set.

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The Tub Tunes Symphony is so awesome! What a great idea to make musical instruments for bath time, seriously. With how bathrooms are designed, they instantly become a little music chamber for little ones. It comes with real working musical instruments designed just for the perfect bath tub time rock out session. Children can play the xylophone, drum, and flute. It also comes with a really cool water proof music Sheet. Though he is a little too young for that at 3, his sister had a blast when she got the chance to play.

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Musical flutes are a lot of fun, you can fill them with water and they make different sounds. Each flute plays a different note based on how much water the flute is filled with. I did have to help with this part but then let my son fill his own and play since he does not understand completely how they work at two years old. Once filled with water it is a little hard to get them to stay in the foam holder, they do slip so we played with them individually. They are still one of our favorite bath toys.

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The Drums are great! We love that the drum floats in the water and moves around so you can keep playing it and the kids can even use it as a cup to fill with water which is always fun. The xylophone also floats in the tub and is made out of interlocking foam blocks that come apart and even stick to the walls and glass, which changes the tone they have.  Children are so creative and this is a great outlet for bath time fun. Benefit for parents is the instruments are left in the tub when bath time is over, that’s always nice.


ALEX® Toys – Bathtime Fun Tubtune Symphony is $27.41 on Amazon.


  • This set includes Xylophone, Drum, Mallets, and Flutes plus laminated music sheets for each instrument
  • Song sheets can stick to wet walls and tiles
  • Xylophone and drums float on the water in the tub
  • This bath toy is phthalate-free
  • This bath toy makes bath time fun for kids

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ALEX Toys – Bathtime Fun, Rub-a-Dub Artist In The Tub Set is $23.99 on Amazon

  • Makes bath time fun and exciting for kids
  • Includes 5 colors of bath paints, 1 fish-shaped paint palette, 5 stamps, 1 paint rollers and 1 sponge paintbrush
  • Chunky handles make brushes easy for little hands to hold
  • Non-messy way to do art with your preschooler
  • Recommended for children age 3 and up

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What better place for your little one to learn to paint than in the bathtub, seriously though. I think bathtime painting is a fabulous idea! Not only is it relaxing, but its one of the few place my children stay in one place for a period of time. Alex Toys Rub-a-Dub Artist in the tub set comes with unique sponge painters with handles that fold for little ones hands. Included is a complete art set with super bright bath paints and sponge painting supplies and a Chunky fish-shaped roller and sponge brush, the perfect size for young artists’ small hands.

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To say my son loves to paint, would be an understatement. The struggle I have with painting is the mess and cleanup after. I have found a new love for this bathtime fun painting set! It is so easy to clean and the children just love it.

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The brushes work just great for the paint, though the sponges do not make a completely clear design, it does not seem to bother them. The “paint” is actually body soap so it is expected to wash off easily.  With trial and error we did notice that if we painted when we first got in the tub without the water on and then cleaned up after, it was perfect! The designs and shapes stayed on the walls no problem, they do not get washed out with water when painting at the same time.

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The paint pallet is light weight and floats in the tub which we really liked because my son had so much going on it was hard for him to hold everything at once. The colors are bright and vibrant when used and a little seems to go a long way.

We are huge fans of ALEX Toys and their bathtime fun accessories are just marvelous. These can be purchased at your local Toys R Us, Target or even Amazon.