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I’ll be completely honest with you, clothes shopping for my oldest son is not something I enjoy.  He is eight years old, tall and slim, and I have found a lot of brands make clothes that look so baggy on him. Recently I started buying his clothes at Target and I can’t tell you how pleased I am. Target seriously rocks when it comes to everything, especially apparel, so I knew exactly where I would be shopping for my son’s back-to-school clothes from.

Boys Style

Target offers variety of clothing for children. Anywhere from uniforms to stylish “skate” brands like Shaun White.


It’s important to show off your child’s style and school clothes should be no different. It’s a way to express themselves and enjoy being who they are. This shirt couldn’t have been a more perfect shirt to show off my son’s personality. It’s subtle yet bold enough to make a statement.


Plus, the hood just kinda rocks and it’s only $16.99.


We have an extremely hard time getting jeans that are affordable to fit my son. Because of his physique we still need to purchase jeans with an adjustable waist. We found these Shaun White skinny jeans at Target and they fit my son without even having to adjust the waist. The best part (other than the fact they are completely cute) is that they are only $19.99. A huge win for moms!


Are you familiar with Shaun White? He is a professional snowboard and skateboarder who is now making clothes for Target. This is HUGE for parents with older children. My son goes crazy for anything Shaun White. He attends a private school but after school and on the days he gets “free dress” he will always reach for his Shaun White apparel from Target because they make him feel cool, and well… it suits his personality.

Kids Fashion

One of my favorite parts about parenting is really seeing my son grow into the person he is becoming. As he gets older, he is really becoming his own person, making his own choices, and having an opinion on the clothes he wears. For back-to-school this was the first year I let him choose his own clothes. Our experience was so fun and the memory will last a lifetime.


I love how versatile this outfit is. The gray skinny jeans are made of great quality and they are long enough on my eight year old that he can grow with these jeans. If you are a Levi’s fan, I’m happy to report Target offers some DENIZEN gray jeans that look similar and they are both priced at $19.99.

I really can’t express how much this shirt rocks! The material is soft and it fits perfectly on my son.This shirt was made by Shaun White and one of those pieces of clothing you just have to see and feel in person.


My son is a hat kid and no outfit is complete without one. He immediately went for this hat the minute he saw it. Something about it caught his eye. Could you blame him, the color combination on this hat is great and perfect for an older child who wants to express his personality.


The other side of the hat says “Skate all day” which is something both he and his father could do all day if allowed to. Pretty sure if the school offered it as a sport, he would sign up for it.


Target also offers so much more than shirts and pants. You can honestly get everything you need for back-to-school for your children. From lunch food, school supplies, apparel, to the smaller essentials like shoes, socks, undergarments, and more.


To Target, every little thing is a big deal and thanks to them my son is prepared for school and looking stylish!



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