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Back to Basics Block Play

With all the fancy toys and gadgets out there for children, sometimes it’s easy to overlook the wonderful fun and skills that can be gained from the simplest of toys such as blocks and books. That’s why we were so excited to try out Back to Blocks and enjoy block play at our house with blocks the way you and I remember them from growing up–wooden, basic and without anything to cloud the imagination!

IMG_5491Back to Blocks is a family owned and operated Utah based company that is committed to the notion that children need more time to imagine, create and problem solve-all while having fun! They create handcrafted, natural hardwood blocks for children. Having these blocks in our house for the last two months have created countless hours of block play fun for my son. Every time someone comes to visit, the first thing he wants to show them is his new blocks!


My son loved to play and build with the blocks. Sometimes he would see how tall he could build with them. Other times he would try to balance them in various ways without letting them slide. Eventually, he started adding other toys into the mix such as cars to drive down the ramps. He was able to do this all with only 24 blocks. Hours of fun with just a few blocks-think of what could be done with even more! We have other blocks with pictures and letters on them. However, those never have grabbed his attention like the Back to Blocks ones do. I now wonder if the images on them or the limit of shapes and sizes of the other blocks hindered his creativity. It seems his imagination truly bloomed with these new blocks from Back to Blocks.


As a previous preschool teacher and now a 1st grade teacher, both of my classrooms have (or had) wooden blocks in them to foster imaginative play. Children never outgrow wooden blocks and Back to Basic blocks offer high quality, beautifully crafted wooden blocks made by a company that truly believes in the power of block play. Children (and even adults!) need the opportunity to create, imagine and explore. Back to Blocks will give your children that opportunity time and time again.

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I was given Back to Blocks to review but all opinions are my own.