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Using skin care products on children can be scary especially with the recent reports coming out about how certain ingredients or chemicals aren’t safe to use and can have harmful effects. I am always so hesitant to put anything on my kids bodies. Babytime! uses natural ingredients in their products and at least 70% are organic including fruits, vegetables and seed oils. The company is also the only skincare brand to make products with probiotics to support skin immunity and help treat common skin conditions.

We’ve been using Babytime! for a little bit of time now and I can already see a difference in my older kids’ skin. Both get really dry skin and with these products, it’s helping to soften their rather rough skin.


With a baby due in just 9 weeks, I also love that I can use Babytime! on my newborn as well as my older two kids without needing to buy multiple products for each child.

There are 10 different Babytime! products, which leaves something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a massage serum, silky powder, peaceful bubbles or more, they have it all. And if the ingredients didn’t sell you on the product, then the scents definitely will.


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