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I’ve been to baby showers galore in recent years and I’m often called upon to bring the cake.

If you’ve ever Googled baby shower cakes or checked them out on Pinterest, you will see there are about a million great ideas out there! Some are easy, some more complex, but my favorite is the baby booties cake.

These adorable booties are made out of three cupcakes. After you’ve assembled them, you can place them on top of a decorated cake with a simple “Welcome Baby” message, or you can let them stand alone surrounded by a platter of mini cupcakes, which is what I did.

In this how-to, I used yellow and white since we don’t know the baby’s sex yet. But I’ve done them in pink and blue, too. They always turn out adorable!

What you need:

• Three cupcakes

• 1 batch buttercream icing

• mini cupcakes (you should be able to get around 48 out of one cake mix)

• piping bag or gallon-size plastic bag

• decorating tips (one star tip, one writing tip)

• food coloring

Step One: Shaping the Booties

Cut tops off of two cupcakes and flip them over. Slice third cupcake vertically and place flat-side down. Trim excess edges off tip of “booties.”

Secure cupcakes together with toothpicks.


With a small, sharp knife, carve circles about a half-inch deep out of tops of booties.


Step Two: Frosting

Outline the top area of the booty that will be white first so you don’t accidently pipe any yellow frosting on it. Start piping stars to cover the main part of the booties. Keep stars very close so there are no holes. You shouldn’t see any cake.

Next, pipe in the white section.

Using a spatula, transfer booties one at a time to platter or top of cake.

Outline booties in white stars (NOTE: Outline one bootie, then place next on on tray. It is difficult to outline the inside of the bootie when they are sitting close to one another). Next, switch to the writing tip and outline the white part of the bootie on top and draw a bow.

Put the mini cupcakes on the tray and you’ve got a festive baby shower centerpiece that will taste as good as it looks!