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The Only Baby Registry Guide You'll NeedHey there! Congratulations on your new little one on the way! A baby registry (or even just making a list for yourself) has got to be one of the most head spinning times. There is SO much out there in the baby world, how do you even begin to choose what to get for your family?!

I was told that after 10 years as a nanny, 3 kids and now 5 years testing baby products I needed to create a baby registry list for moms to come to and see what my reccomendations are and I was elated to get started…until I realized that I have SO many great products to tell you all about. I edited and re-edited my list and seriously could not narrow it down. Then I called Jasmine (our co-founder) and unloaded my stress about this onto her. Her words to me?

“Which one would you recommend to your best friend?”

And so here we are! This list is not at all a complete list, as there are so many different ways to care for a baby. These are products I’ve used, love and highly recommend to you all. My top choices, if you will! Our BABY REGISTRY LIST will be updated ongoing with lots more than you see below, so check it out! I’ve also linked articles to any products I’ve mentioned that are available on our site. Check out the bottom of the article to find our full reviews of these products!The Only Baby Registry Guide You'll Need Gear

When it comes to gear, it’s purely personal on your preferences and needs. I have a lot of favorites but narrowing them down to one wasn’t terribly hard.
Stroller/Car Seat: My top choice for travel system is the Britax B-Ready with the B-Safe Car seat. I LOVE the B-Ready stroller! It’s able to expand to a double stroller when and if your family grows!
Nursing Pillow: The Boppy Pillow is hands down my pick for feeding pillows, but it fits into the “gear” category because it is so much more than just a feeding pillow! I use it for tummy time, to prop baby up and for a stable base when baby starts to sit up.
Baby Carrier: Carriers was the hardest for me to narrow down. I love carrying my babies. I suggest a wrap to begin with the first few months (Moby and Boba are great!) and a structured carrier for when baby’s head is stable. My favorite carrier is the original Ergobaby but for a much more affordable option, the Moby Go is a great alternative!
Car Seat Cover: The Shade by Imagine Baby is the best car seat cover I’ve come across. It fits snugly onto your seat, can open for a mesh view of your baby and is super breathable! Great for protecting baby from the elements and from nosy strangers.
Shoping: Binxy Baby shopping cart sling is my most recommended baby gear item to new parents. It fits almost every shopping cart, comes in a few awesome colors/designs and baby isn’t stuck in the carseat taking up the entire cart!
Baby Seat: I’m obsessed with the Baby Bjorn bouncer Balance Soft. It can be used from birth till 2 years old, thanks to a reversible seat cover, it folds flat for easy storage and travel, and it’s super trendy looking!The Only Baby Registry Guide You'll Need Sleep

Bed/Bedding: A crib is a huge decision, and while a lot of families want a crib that converts to a bed, I see that as a problem…next baby comes and then we are stuck buying a new crib or re-constructing the old one. The Bloom Alma Max crib folds up for storage in between kiddos and it’s easily opened up for the next little one without compromising safety! We love ours, and the Bloom mattress is just as wonderful. Always use a mattress pad to protect from spit ups and blow outs (I always suggest 2 mattress pads and 2 or 3 crib sheets) and the Aden & Anais crib sheet (as well as their blankets) is my top pick. So soft and they get softer with each wash!
Swaddling: My favorite velcro swaddle blanket is the Ollie Swaddle. It can get a really tight wrap and is long enough to swaddle as long as you need, both over and under the arms.
Baby Monitor: After using many different baby monitor brands, I always go back to my Summer Infant monitors. They are so reliable and clear.
Noise Machine: The Baby Shusher is magic. Just. Magic. It creates a shushing sound that calms baby and helps them sleep. It will amaze you.
Travel Crib: The 4Moms Breeze is by far the easiest travel crib to use. Take it out of the packaging, push down on the center. To close it, you pull on the handle in the center. Done. A little pricey, but well worth the extra cash!
Newborn Bassinet: The Halo Bassinet is a great first bed for baby. It swivels 360 degrees and the side lowers, making it wonderfully convenient those first painful weeks after birth-especially c-sections!
Positioning Chair: The Dex DayDreamer Sleeper is amazing for babies with reflux or colic. It’s reclined at the perfect angle to help baby’s digestion, which in turn helps them sleep a little longer. This was a major help with my second son who had digestive issues.
Rocking Chair: Find a good rocker or glider you love. We love our Dutalier and it was handed down to us…meaning it’s held up and is still sturdy and strong after 10+ years. My best advice for a rocker is to spend a little extra to get a good quality rocker and make sure it comes up high enough to rest your head. We’ve spent many nights falling asleep in our glider.
Baby Rocker: The Rock & Play has become a new staple in the baby world. This awesome rocker helps baby to rest at a great angle while they can rock and move when they kick their legs (or you can rock them).The Only Baby Registry Guide You'll Need Health

Bathing and helping keep baby safe and healthy is obviously so important and these are my absolute favorite items in the health category.
Baby Towels: Carters’ towels are my favorite for newborns. They are soft and cozy but super thick and absorbent and come in the cutest designs!
Kneeling Pad: The green pad is my husband’s absolute bathing must have. It’s actually a garden kneeling pad, but we use it next to the tub to save our knees from the pain of kneeling on the hard tile floor. They do make pads specifically for the bathroom, but they cost twice if not triple the amount!
Baby Bath: The First Years Tub is my top pick for a basic infant/toddler tub. The sling is perfect for those first weeks when baby just needs light bathing, is angled on one side for an infant to recline in the tub and has a straight seat on the opposite side for young toddlers. Using this tub until they grow out of it saves tons of money 0n water and It comes in handy!
BabyProofing: Safety 1st’s new “Outsmart” line of baby proofing products is absolutely genius. They are made with buttons that make your little one think they can figure out how to open them when the secret is that the buttons are simply for looks and the locks open a different way. These are awesome!
Boogers: The NoseFrida is something I was freaked out by when I first saw it. “You want me to suck the boogers out of my baby’s nose?! Are you freaking serious?” Yes. Totally serious. You will NOT get boogers in your mouth, but you will clear your baby’s nose every time.
Teething: Teething jewelry is something I almost always wear out with my little one. It looks like fun accessories, but is soft and rubbery-perfect for baby to gnaw on.
Nail Scissors. These are a must.
Thermometer: A good thermometer is something you want on hand from the start. You don’t want to have to go running to Target in a rush to go get one, and this one from Braun is easy to use and won’t upset baby.
Humidifier: Again…another product you don’t want to have to run and get because you’re dealing with a sick baby is a humidifier. These are life savers, and the humidifiers from Crane are fabulous and look adorable too!
Space Saver Tub: Lastly, as much as I love the First Years tub, it’s bulky and takes up a lot of space. If storage is prime real estate in your home, the Puj tub is your answer! This awesome tub unfolds flat (and can be hug up!) and folds back into tub mode so quick and easy. it fits into any sink in the house and baby curls right into it perfectly. We love this one.The Only Baby Registry Guide You'll Need Feeding

Feeding is obviously different for each parent, but I tried to mix up my favorite formula, nursing and pumping products. I didn’t add a pump because pretty much all insurances provide you with a pump nowadays. Call your insurance provider for info about receiving one for yourself.
Travel Chair: The Ciao Baby Portable High Chair is so handy to have! We keep ours in the car-it folds up like a camping chair and has come in handy at friends houses, hotels, picnics and even restaurants.
Pacifiers: Pacifiers are something your baby will help you choose. You may go through a few kinds before finding one your little one likes, but my favorites are the Phillips Avent Infant Pacifiers and Soothies, as well as the Wubanub. I thought the Wubanub was just some silly toy but it weighs the pacifier down a little to help keep it in your little one’s mouth, and also makes it easy to find if your little one spits it out.
Nursing Cover: Bebe Au Lait makes our favorite nursing covers and nursing scarves (they turn into a cover!)
Formula Feeding: If you’re formula feeding, a nice helper-certainly not a must have-is the Baby Brezza Formula Dispenser. This baby is a godsend in the middle of the night…just hit a button and you have perfectly prepared formula at the perfect temp for baby.
Bottle Rack: The Boon grass is an awesome bottle and accessory rack that looks great on your counter top.
Pumping System: I am obsessed with my Kiinde system. This system attaches to your breast pump so that you can pump directly into the storage bags…and then the storage bags slide right into their bottles! No milk transfer. Game Changer! You can also buy a spoon and snack spout kit that turns your Kiinde bags into baby food squeeze pouches!
Bottles: If you’re using bottles, my top recommendation is Dr. Browns (but like pacifiers your baby may need to try a few brands out till they find one they like), and make sure to buy a bottle brush and sterilizing bags for easy sterilization!
Baby Food: The Boon Spoon is probably the coolest feeding accessory ever. I used it with my first son 7 years ago and it still remains one of my favorite baby items. Baby food is stored in the handle and squeezes out onto the spoon! They come with a cap for the spout so you can bring your food ready to serve on the go!
Nursing Apparel: My favorite nursing accessories for mom are Motherhood Maternity’s sleep bra and their Demi bra. The Demi (as well as a few of their others-check them all out!) has a clip on the back that allows you to turn your bra into a racerback style-a two in one and perfect for summer!
Nursing tanks can be pricey, but the Gilligan & O’Malley tank from Target is my favorite by far, coming in a wide range of colors and at $20 each (and they go on sale often!) they are a great deal cheaper than the $40-$50 options out there!The Only Baby Registry Guide You'll Need Play

Don’t forget to add some toys and books to your registry!
Activity Gym: A great play gym is nice to have, and this one from Infantino is affordable and folds up for easy travel.
Teether: Sophie the giraffe is across the board our favorite baby toy/teether. It’s been around for over 50 years and has stood the test of time because it’s so well made.
Rattles: Oball rattles and the the Winkel rattle are both perfect for little hands learning to grasp and my boys play with theirs still to this day!
Books: Above are some of my family’s favorite choices in books, including Little Humans-from the creator of Humans of New York, The Book With No Pictures-which is for toddlers and up but HILARIOUS and our family’s absolute favorite bedtime book, some black and white books (great for little babies’ eyes!) and Peek-a-WHO?-a fun and silly book your baby will love. (Click HERE to see more details about each of the books)The Only Baby Registry Guide You'll Need Diapering

Again, like feeding diapering is something that varies from family to family. Cloth diapering is something I always wanted to do but we decided against it in the end. Because I don’t have personal experience with cloth diapers I do not have recommendations I can give (But if you do, PLEASE feel free to comment below to help out the mamas looking to cloth diaper!). If you need more cloth diapering info, check out all of our cloth diaper posts from the moms here that have done it!
Diaper Bag: My top pick for a basic diaper bag is the Skip Hop Duo. It comes in a wide array of designs and colors and is pretty much the pefect bag at the perfect size. A little small for a familiy with multiples but a really great bag overall.
Backpack: The Jujube Be Right Back Backpack is perfect for the practical parent. This bag has all you need in a convenient backpack style, making getting around a lot easier!
Diaper Pail: Of all the diaper pails I’ve used, the Diaper Champ is my jam. I’m really not into diaper pails because we take our garbage out daily and don’t really need one but if you want one, check this one out for sure.
Burp Cloth/Diapers: I added the plush Gerber cloth diapers on here but I don’t use them for diapering-they’re my burp cloths. I had an internal conflict deciding where to place them, but they ended up in diapers because they’re diapers. Forget the cutesy burp cloths with designs. These are the best you’ll find.
Diaper Disposal: The Munchkin Arm & Hammer bags & dispenser have saved my hide many times. From the stinkiest diapers at a friends’ house to full on blow outs, we’ve used them to dispose of diapers and to contain disgusting outfits and they completely hide the smell.
Diaper Rash: Diaper rash cream should be on hand at all times. We love the Creamy Desitin but when rashes are bad, Bordeaux’s Extra Strength Butt Paste (the red one) works immediately and soothes baby’s bottom. We love both, but the butt paste is my top pick.
Clothing: Make sure to have plenty of white onesies-I use them under all outfits from birth till about 6 months. This acts as a great barrier to help contain blowouts, and when baby is brand new it has helped with the bleeding and seeping from the umbilical cord as it heals. We would have had a few nice outfits ruined from blood spots without using onesies!
You’ll also want to include gowns for your baby on your registry. These are not just for girls. I promise. My husband was confused when I put our first son in a gown the first time…until he went to change him in the middle of the night. These are awesome-just slip it up, change baby and slip it back down. There are tons out there but I adore Burt’s Bees, as well as their entire line of baby clothes!

What would you add as your ultimate must haves for a baby registry?

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