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Binxy Baby HammockI knew that when I had my third child my life would change and boy did it ever. My second and third are only 16 months apart and I pretty much stayed in my house all day everyday after the third was born. The idea of going to a store with three boys underfoot was intimidating. I knew eventually we would get there, but there is a definite probation period where it seems impossible to get yourself ready, three kids ready, get everyone into the car, to the store and THEN get through the store with three very unpredictable boys.

Eventually it happened. But I quickly realized the downside to taking two little ones shopping: they take up the entire shopping cart. When I had my secong, my oldest was 4 and didn’t need to sit in the cart anymore. This was a new challenge. My middle guy would sit in the seat of the cart while my new baby would take up the entire basket of the cart. I could shop for only a few things at a time before there was no space left under the cart.

So imagine my excitement to find out about a baby hammock that would free up so much space and alow me to run my errands with all my guys in tow and not feel limited in my cart space. I was beyond excited.

I used my Binxy Baby Hammock the day it came. I couldn’t wait. This was something I knew all moms needed to hear about and I couldn’t wait to test it and make sure it’s as amazing as it sounds.

Well guess what.

It is JUST as amazing as it sounds.

Binxy Baby Shopping Hammock

The Binxy Baby Hammock fits perfectly onto either side of the cart and has straps that go underneath the bars and velcro shut to secure it to the cart.

Binxy Hammock Straps

Baby gets buckled in and you are ready for shopping with baby comfotably hanging out without taking up the entire cart!

It is designed to fit your baby laying directly in it, or you can use it to hold the car seat sideways in the cart with the inclued strap to secure the car seat in place.

Binxy Baby w:Carseat

It is so easy to use and is extremely well made. The fabric is a strong and sturdy material that you’ll feel safe setting baby into, yet not rigid and uncomfortable. My youngest falls asleep everytime we use it!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been stopped in the store to be asked about the Binxy Baby. Not only have moms and grandparents never seen anything like it, they want one because it is just so perfectly designed and obviously well thought out. One grandma had me write down the info because her daughter was pregnant with twins and she wanted to buy her two of them for easier shopping!

Binxy Baby Twins

Not only is the Binxy Baby Hammock a cool product, it looks cute too! It is currently available in three adorable fabric choices that are modern and fun. And guess what? When you aren’t using the Binxy Hammock, it rolls up perfectly to fit into your diaper bag or in the pocket of your car’s seat (that’s where I keep mine!).

Binxy Baby Stores Easily

The hammock itself fits onto most shopping carts, but we had trouble with the newer Target carts (the plastic carts) because the top bars are a little bulky. It fit, but it took some more pressure than usual. This hammock also does NOT fit onto Costco carts. Those are too wide and will not work with this product.

It’s no surprise to me that this product makes people stop and take notice. It is a gem. What a great tool for a mom on the go with a little one.We highly recommend checking this product out for yourself!

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