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My daughter loves playing on my phone when we’re shopping or waiting in the doctor’s office, and I’ve recently come across a series of great apps that she just loves. They are available for Android, iPhone and iPad. And the best part? They’re FREE! The apps are developed by Baby Bus and there are a total of 32 of them. They are designed for children ages 0-6 and are bright, colorful, interactive, and fun. They’re also educational. They all feature two adorable pandas who take you through lots of different games and activities.

Here are a few of my daughter’s favorites:

My ABCs – This one has two different games to play within the app. The first one is a game where the panda is in a go kart and you have to steer the go kart into the letters of the alphabet. The second one is a singing game where the panda sings the alphabet song. My daughter loves this one. She loves to see the letters pop up on the screen as the panda sings and plays the guitar.

Little Picasso – This one also has several different things to play within the app. My daughter’s favorite are the coloring pages. There are tons of different coloring pages to choose from. Once you pick a coloring page, there are lots of colors to color with, and then you can even frame and save your creation when you’re done.

My Little Musician – This one is lots of fun. You can pick from four different instruments to play: piano, harp, guitar and drums. Each one is a different cute scene, and the child can play the instrument to their heart’s content. But watch out, the instruments might break! My daughter’s favorite is the guitar, because as she plays the guitar the little girl panda dances the hula.

Animal Paradise – This one depicts different animals in their habitats. Just scroll through to get to all of the animals. Click on them to hear the sounds they make and see what they do. There is also a word bubble above each animal that says the name of the animal, and if you click on it you will hear the name of the animal.

The thing I love about these apps is that once you open one, a bus pops up onto the screen and ALL of the apps are displayed in the windows of the bus. This makes it super easy to access all of the different apps within the series without having to completely exit and go back to your apps menu. It’s really cute!

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