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My boys love to read. Books about dinosaurs. Books about trains. It doesn’t matter. They just want books with a fun story and awesome pictures, and I love finding books that have a great message behind them. With The Legend of Percy: The Hot Pink Pumpkin you get it all.

This adorable book focuses on Percy, a pumpkin who turned hot pink after lightning struck near him at the pumpkin patch. Poor Percy waits and waits to be chosen by the visiting families, but because of his strange color, he gets passed up by almost everyone. Finally, a sweet little girl looking for a bright and shiny pumpkin comes across Percy. Both have their dreams come true!halloween-books

There is so much I appreciate about this book. I love that it teaches children about kindness and love. It reminds readers that we each have a purpose, although we sometimes have to wait to find out what that is. The illustrations are simple, yet beautiful. Plus, it rhymes, which I absolutely love in children’s books. As if it wasn’t cute enough already, they include a craft that goes along with the story at the end of the book. The pumpkin pinch pots were easy enough that even I was able to make

There are two other books in the Legend Series from Lucky Missy Publishing. The Legend of Tommy: The Tiny Christmas Tree introduces us to Tommy, whose small stature makes him the joke of the other Christmas trees. He was sad and lonely until a very important (and jolly) man found him and helped him to see how special he is. The second book is The Legend of Edgar: The Elusive Easter Egg. Edgar does not want to be a part of Easter; he just wants to be left alone. As he sees the joy experienced by the children who find his fellow Easter eggs, he realizes how important he can be. Both of these books also include crafts that tie into the story.the-legend-series-of-books

As Halloween and Christmas approach, Percy and Timmy will make fabulous gifts for the kiddos in your life. Come Spring, Edgar would be the perfect addition to any Easter basket. Not only will you be providing them with quality stories, you will be supporting a mom run business!

We love this Legend Series of books from Lucky Missy Publishing so much, we are giving away as set of all three of their books! One winner will receive The Legend of Edgar, The Legend of Percy and the Legend of Tommy to enjoy with your family! Enter below, Giveaway ends 10/14/16

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