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We are Amazon fiends over here, we use it for watching TV, movies, listening to music and of course to order everything our hearts desire at the click of a button. Add in the Amazon Echo, a smart home hub that will take care of ordering for you, play your favorite music or even play games with you and you are set with tech!Amazon Blueprints

We love our Echo and the fun it adds to our home. The kids have their own Amazon Music playlist with all of their favorite songs, they play trivia games together and I can ask Alexa questions when I’m stumped!

Alexa Skills have been enjoyed by Echo users everywhere-it offers food delivery service and ride pickup service in a flash, jokes, games, recipes and more! It truly makes life easier for a busy parent and with the newest upgrade to Alexa skills, it got even easier!

Introducing Alexa Skill Blueprints.

Blueprints will customize your Echo by making your own skills quickly and easily! Create chore charts for each person in the family, personalize stories, and even create custom information for babysitters or houseguests! By going to the Blueprints home page, you can easily choose which skills you want to customize and it will update on your Echo.Playing with Alexa Blueprints

Here are some of our favorite Alexa Skills Blueprints we’ve used:

Babysitter/Houseguest Hub

This might be my favorite Blueprint! Set up profiles for babysitters or guests in your home that answer all the questions they may have. Once they ask Alexa to open the Babysitter Help or Houseguest Help (you can create a custom name for each action), they can ask Alexa for information like Wifi Password, where the first aid kit is, how to work the TV and even for allergy info for your kids! Simply enter all of the questions a guest or sitter might have along with the answers and Alexa can guide them when they need the help! This is amazing, I can’t always remember everything I need to tell a babysitter or we’ll have a guest that forgets to ask for Wifi till after bedtime, now they can get all that info from Alexa!

Personalized Trivia

This has been my kids’ favorite Blueprint. Enter custom questions and answers into your Blueprints trivia app and watch the magic. The kids couldn’t believe that Alexa knew their favorite movie and we loved surprising Grandpa when we asked Alexa what his favorite color was and she knew his very custom favorite color! Take it a step further to use for announcements too! We feature a fun pregnancy announcement in our video above, check it out!


Alexa has several stories you can personalize with your own names! My boys loved hearing the Adventure story that included all three of them as different characters and I loved the custom “Mom’s Story” they created for me for Mother’s Day (check out the video!).

Birthday Trivia

Make birthdays so much more fun with trivia all about the birthday boy or girl! Create multiple choice questions and answers for the party-goers to answer and let the birthday person judge who knows them best! This is so much fun and can be completely customized to include even the most random facts about a person!

Flash Cards

Is your child needing more study time? Make it fun by entering all of the info they need to memorize (think state capitals or multiplication) along with the correct answers and let Alexa take it from there!Alexa Blueprints

We’ve loved getting to customize our Alexa Skills with Blueprints, check it out for yourself to start personalizing your Echo!

You can find the Amazon Echo HERE

You can customize your own Alexa Skills Blueprints HERE

For help getting started, you can ask Alexa for help with Skills or go HERE


This post contains affiliate links.