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iPhone cases have come a long way since the very first release of the iPhone. I am so impressed with the options we have available to us. Nowadays you can find an iPhone cover for just about every desire, whether it be design related, storage related or battery related, there is probably an iPhone out there that has your name on it. For me, I am always on the lookout for an iPhone cover with a purpose. Sure I want my cover to be attractive, but I also want something that does more than “cover” my phone. Here are some of my favorite iPhone covers available to us.


TAT7- Underwater Case

Introducing the new, robust and waterproof TAT7 case – Now all moments of adventure can be captured using your iPhone 4/4S. Worries of damaged iPhones are yesterday’s problems. This breakthrough case is rated to a dive depth of 30m/ 100ft. This iPhone case is waterproof, sandproof and snowproof!


Jonathan Adler- Birds Case 

I am currently swooning over this Johnathan Adler iPhone cover. Perfect for any trend-setting iPhone owner.


Mophie Juice Pack Plus  

Get on-the-go power anytime with this iPhone 4 & 4S battery case! The mophie juice pack plus® is a rechargeable external 2000mAh battery and protective, shock-resistant case for the iPhone.


Feed Me

Ok, how cute is this iPhone case? The smiley face in back opens up to store all of your items, making this pretty handy. It’s made of Silicon, Urethane and will handle things like your earphones, chewing gum, bankcards, money, photographs, USB, and anything else you can think of.


Lightbulb Moments iBottleopener

While this didn’t get that many great reviews on Amazon, I happen to think this is a pretty awesome idea! There have been many times we have been out places and didn’t have a bottle opener on hand, but of course, had our iPhones with us. The iBottlopener is a hard shell two part slider case for the iPhone 4. The iBottleopener has an integrated metal bottle opener molded into the case. The interior of the iBottleopener case is rubberized to protect the glass from any scratching while removing or installing the case. The bottle cap never comes in contact with your phone and the case is completely sealed under the opener to prevent moisture from coming in contact with the iPhone 4.


Incipio- Stowaway Credit Card Case

Who needs the bulk of a wallet when you have the Stowaway®? Featuring a slim and secure back compartment, the Stowaway® for iPhone 4 4S is ideal for carrying credit cards, ID and cash. The snug snap closure ensures that your belongings will remain secure.


Bunny Rabbit Silicone Case

One word: ADORABLE!! The removable bunny tail helps to keep the iPhone propped up. Comes in a variety of colors to choose from.


Ruggedized Case

Designed for the most common problem with hand-held phones…dropping them!  Your IPhone 4/4S is encased in a military grade, patented shock and vibration absorbing structure. Debris and dust are prevented from contacting the glass panels too! All controls and ports are easily accessible. Graphics are laser engraved for durability.


rPET Barely There case

These iPhone cases are perfect for the environmentally conscious. Molded from 100% recycled material, the translucent, glossy finish showcases more of your iPhone. Its ultra-lightweight, minimalist design delivers a stylish profile, while the impact resistant hard shell protects against impacts and falls.


Withings- Blood Pressure Monitor

Take your blood pressure directly from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The Withings Blood Pressure Monitor stores automatically your blood pressure data, calculate averages and graphs your tracking curves.


Withings- Baby Monitor 

Smart Baby Monitor brings you the best technology for optimal child protection. You can move about the room, or zoom in with the wide-angle lens and still get a crisp and clear image. With the alert warning feature you can monitor your child and his surroundings with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch in an innovative way. Noise, movement, temperature and humidity are under your control. You can interact with your little one from your iPhone. You can now talk with your child, start a lullaby or switch on a night light while looking at him.


Ok, so while these last two aren’t really “covers,” they are pretty awesome and I just had to include them in my post!