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Want to know what one of my weirdest pet peeves is? A dirty washing machine. I’m not talking about the inside of it, I’m talking about the outside. I hate seeing sticky, glue-y blue detergent caked all over it with pieces of lint embedded in the goo. It makes me feel like I’m washing my clothes in an unsanitary environment.

So I spend more time than a normal person scrubbing my washer to make sure it’s always looking pristine. Not anymore though! I recently discovered All Free Clear detergent in Mighty Packs. These little packs are pre-measured for one load of laundry, so you simply toss it in with your laundry and that’s it—no mess, no fuss, no drippy gooey blue stuff. And they dissolve completely in all water temperatures, so there’s no mess left behind, either.

My initial fear in using these convenient packs was that they wouldn’t get my clothes as clean as liquid detergent. That proved to be unfounded. With a combination of concentrated detergent and active stainlifters, the All Free Clear Mighty Packs work just as well as any detergent. But beyond the convenience and ease of the packs, I’m also a big fan of the All Free Clear formula.

As you may have guessed by the name, this product has no dyes or perfumes, making it perfect for sensitive skin or babies. The formula is the number-one recommended by dermatologists for sensitive skin and as a mom, I definitely feel more comfortable using it on my toddler’s clothes. Here are a few more highlights of the product:

  • Removes 99 percent of ragweed pollen that can stick to clothes
  • Economically smart compared to other brands
  • Extremely mild formula is non-irritating
  • Great for sensitive skin, but will work for whole family’s laundry including towels, bedding and soft toys
  • Number-one free detergent recommended by pediatricians
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Rinses clean
  • Has powerful stainlifter that fights tough dirt and stains
  • Specially formulated to minimize the potential for skin irritation
  • Helps remove three of the top everyday allergens: dust mite matter, cat and dog dander and certain fragrances
  • Safe for all washing machines

If you’ve been buying different detergents to meet different family members’ needs, STOP! All Free Clear is all you need to wash your entire family’s clothes, bedding, towels and anything else! And it also comes in a detergent that is, you guessed it—clear. Look for our giveaway tomorrow!

*I received All Free Clear packets to review, but opinions are my own.