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Tired of gooey blue stuff dripping all over your washer? Ready to switch to a detergent that is gentle enough for everyone in your family (including babies and those with sensitive skin)? You’re in luck! We are giving away a bottle of All Free Clear detergent to a lucky winner!

Here are some of the amazing benefits All Free Clear offers:
• Removes 99 percent of ragweed pollen that can stick to clothes
• Economically smart compared to other brands
• Extremely mild formula is non-irritating
• Great for sensitive skin, but will work for whole family’s laundry including towels, bedding and soft toys
• Number-one free detergent recommended by pediatricians
• Hypoallergenic
• Rinses clean
• Has powerful stainlifter that fights tough dirt and stains
• Specially formulated to minimize the potential for skin irritation
• Helps remove three of the top everyday allergens: dust mite matter, cat and dog dander and certain fragrances
• Safe for all washing machines

Check out our complete review here and enter today!

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