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I started using cloth diapers with my son when he was about five weeks old. After endless questions to friends and research on the internet, I decided one-size pocket diapers would be best for our family. As a single mom, working full-time with two children, I was worried that cloth diapers would take up too much time and effort. Not so with pocket diapers! Find out why I love them!

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What is a pocket diaper? A pocket diaper is a cloth diaper made up of two parts: a waterproof outer cover with a pocket designed to whisk away wetness to an inner soaker/liner (commonly called an insert). They work by sliding the insert into the pocket of the diaper. It’s as simple as that!

Here is a picture of diapers with their inserts hanging out to dry:

Here’s what I love about pocket diapers:

  • They fit from newborn through potty training weight!
  • Dry quickly (more quickly from All in One diapers).
  • Aren’t as expensive as some other choices—especially since you only have to buy one size!
  • They are easy to use—grandparents and my son’s daycare used the diapers without any problems.
  • You can make your diapers more absorbent for longer outings by adding additional inserts in the diaper.
  • They whisk away moisture, leaving your child’s bottom dry.
  • They are fairly trim.

Here you can see Christopher wearing a diaper at five weeks old and the same diaper at nine months old:

Here are some cons about pocket diapers:

  • You have to stuff the diapers (put the insert in the liner) after every wash.
  • *MOST* brands require you to shake the inserts out before washing.

I tried out three different brands of cloth diapers; GoGreen Champ 2s, Swaddlebees Econappis and Fuzzibunz. I ultimately ended up only using the GoGreens and Swaddlebees. Try and try as I may, I could not get the Fuzzibunz to fit my son properly (although I know some people love them!). Swaddlebees are the so absorbent that I often used them for longer outings and would double stuff them for sleep. I mostly used them at home and sent GoGreen Champ 2s to daycare because the GoGreen diapers do not require you to shake out the insert before washing! This made it very easy for anyone who was taking care of Christopher to change his diaper.

Here is a Swaddlebees Econappi diaper in action (with matching BabyLegs!):

Like I mentioned, one of the features I love about the Champ 2 series from GoGreen Diapers is that you do not have to shake out the insert before washing. Most pocket diaper have an opening at one end, allowing you to slide in the insert. The Champ 2s have an opening at both ends, so the insert naturally is jostled out in the wash. This is the best feature EVER on a pocket diaper. Sure, you still have to shake off any solid poo (if you’re done breastfeeding or have a little one eating solid foods) into the toilet, but just saving that extra step of shaking out the insert before throwing it into the diaper pail is great! Also, they feature colorful snaps for the sizing needs of your baby/toddler. This was so much easier for other people who were changing my son. I could simply say to snap the green snaps and he would be good to go!

Here is a GoGreen Champ 2 in action:

Ultimately, I am glad I chose pocket diapers for my family. They were easy, cute and affordable. I only had to buy one size to last from when I started using cloth (at five weeks old) until potty training was finished! It truly was the perfect choice for my family!

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