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Fitted diapers are diapers that are similar to pockets, many have a slot for an insert, or you lay the insert down in the middle. Aside from that though they are the most varied of categories for cloth diapers. The reason they are called fitted is because they are fitted to a specific weight range dependent on the brand. Thirsties, for example has two sizes, size one is 6-18lbs and size two is 18-40lbs, Kissaluvs fitted diapers have four sizes, which allow for more a more specific fit but they are phasing them out to have only two sizes since the cost of replacing all your diapers every seven pounds can get expensive.

Some fitted diapers like Blueberry’s are one size but only from 10lbs-35lbs with a separate newborn fitted, so basically two sizes. Since two sizes is becoming the standard for fitted diapers, I’d say the main plus is that there is a better fit for your tiny bum baby and then for your pudgy butt toddler, but the con would be that you have to replace your diapers when you enter the next weight range. Another thing you should know about fitted diapers is that many brands need a cover as well since their exterior is not waterproof. This can add to the cost and cause them to be about as expensive as all-in-ones; however, you can reuse the cover with many fitted diapers before needing to wash it.

In my cloth diaper adventure we used prefolds with covers, pocket one sizes, and an all in one or two. Then when we needed childcare, I went on a Craigslist hunt for more diapers. I found pockets to be easiest for childcare providers, and I ended up buying a large lot of varied diapers in good condition and they worked beautifully. The benefit of buying a lot of different diapers is that you can see which of them you like and which you don’t without the price tag of brand new ones. We ended up with several fitted diapers in this lot that were suitable for my sons weight range and they have lasted from 14 months old to now (almost two) even though he has a gigantic butt. I don’t think I would have gone with fitted diapers in the beginning because of the cost involved of buying them twice, but they do have a nice fit. If you can afford it and you want to avoid the possibility of leaking that can happen when your baby is little and your one size is folded and snapped down so much then they might be right for you.

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