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Packing a family for a road trip used to be stressful. With a family of four and not enough car space for us, fitting everything in seemed like a puzzle. Not being used to the room in the 2014 Toyota Sienna, the stress level hit when I planned two back to back weekend getaways. One of the weekends was a girl’s weekend to South Lake Tahoe, California for five girls. The girl’s weekend consisted of staying in cabins so bringing sleeping bags and pillows were a must along with our luggage.

Girl's Weekend

The day of our road trip, I picked up the girls and we loaded up all our belongings into the back of the 2014 Toyota Sienna. Seven luggage bags, 5 sleeping bags, a comforter, and 5 pillows filled the cargo area. It was so exciting when I realized everything fit into the cargo area without having to find spaces where we sit to store some items. That meant we all had space in the van to relax and enjoy our drive.

The drive to Tahoe is long and curvy which makes those who get car sick a little uneasy. One of the girls in the car known for getting car sick even while driving was so surprised when she didn’t get nauseous in the van once! I have a feeling it has to do with how smooth of a ride the 2014 Sienna is. The van took the curvy roads like a champ and made for an extremely comfortable drive.

We were so excited when we made it to South Lake Tahoe that we knew it was the perfect moment for a photo op!

Tahoe, sienna

After taking the photo I noticed a gas station across the street. Knowing we still had a little drive ahead I checked my gas gauge and was so happy when I saw we still had a half tank. The 2014 Sienna really does have great fuel economy for as big of a vehicle this is.

We arrived to our cabin just in time to see the sun setting and it couldn’t have been a more beautiful view.


Knowing the 2014 Sienna not only fit everything needed for five girls, but made for an extremely comfortable road trip, made me so excited for the road trips I had planned in the near future.

Our drive to Tahoe will be one I will always remember.



Toyota provided me with a Sienna to review and a $500 giftcard for activities throughout the campaign. All opinions are my own.