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I love Christmas and bringing Santa to life for my children. However, I’ve never been a fan of taking my children to sit on Santa’s lap or have them tell Santa what they want. With the holidays fast approaching, I started a search for an iPhone app to bring some fun into Christmas and Santa. I found a brilliant, believable, Santa phone call app~ Santa’s Magic Phone Deluxe. Your child will not believe it-they are really getting a phone call from Santa! 

There are many features of Santa’s Magic Phone Deluxe app that you can enjoy with your child –from personalized phone calls, to letting your child leave a recorded wish list. The phone calls are my favorite feature. You can set the call to ring at a time you choose. The “ring” sounds like Santa’s sleigh bells and will say your child’s name! When setting up the phone call, you determine whether your child has been naughty or nice and even give a reasonfor it! For example, you can say your child has been naughty because he isn’t being a good listener! It’s fabulous!

Another feature some older children will love is that Santa will text them! With the same idea as the phone call, the text can be personalized as well.

Download the app HERE.

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Want Santa to call your child on demand? There’s an app for that! Call, and get called, with your personal direct line to Santa. Santa’s Magic Phone Deluxe is an essential tool that every parent and child should have for 2012.

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You can enjoy Santa’s Magic Phone Deluxe app for free, but of course there are ways to upgrade. However, I simply use the free version and it’s enough for us! Download it and try it out today!