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The new year starts soon, so we’re all thinking about the resolutions we want to make for the coming year to make it better than the years past.

Moms make resolutions too, they just might be a little different than your average resolution. I’ve mapped out several attainable resolutions for the average mom:

A Moms' New Years Resolutions

I Will Start a Cleaning Schedule

It’s easier to stay on top of a goal if it’s on a schedule…like nap times, getting to school and meals. I know that as long as I schedule it, it’ll totally get done. My life and my kids always stick to my schedule. Always.

I Will Yell Less

Not that I yell at my kids. I’ve read all those articles I pinned on Pinterest about moms who don’t yell and I’m totally implementing that. One day. After my toddler stops throwing the crackers he just begged for and my 5 year old stops trying to pee his name onto the bathroom floor.

I Will Take More “Me Time”

We moms work so hard and deserve a little break every once in a while! I vow to take more time just for me this year. I’ll find the time, I swear. Once I figure out how to get my mind off of the cleaning schedule I’m going to keep, what’s for dinner  tonight,if the homework got finished, what my husband needs at the store and the million other things I’ve got to remember, I’ll totally take a break. Or maybe I’ll just drink wine on the couch while the kids scream and throw pillows at each other. That works too.

I Will Budget Better

I’ve seen those extreme couponing shows, have you? Yeah, that’s not for me…but I’m going to do a freaking amazing job a sticking to a budget this year! Not even tomorrow’s class bake sale my son signed me up for three weeks ago and told me about tonight can get me off my budget. Or the fact that my kid’s shoes that I bought last week are giving him blisters and his pants look like he’s expecting a flood. Nope! It totes fits into my budget. I’ve got this.

I Will Be Cool, Calm and Collected in the School Pick-Up Line

I will remind myself that those other parents’ kids really ARE more important than mine. That mom in the BMW has waited 45 whole seconds to pick up her precious son, so she does deserve to cut around the line of parents who’ve been waiting 20 minutes. I mean, we all know the drive thru line at Starbucks will be super long and I’d hate for her to wait another minute to get there…she needs that latte. Now. Next year I will be super zen in the pickup line.

I Will Fit Into Those Trendy Jeans

No more muffin top here, folks! Those jeans WILL fit this year! My secret? Not the gym, diet, or giving up my “mommy drinks”. I’m buying pants one size too big. I’ve already added them to my super strict budget.

I Will Fold and Put Away The Laundry As Soon As It’s Dried

No…No I Won’t. That one is a lie.

I Will Make Adorable Breakfasts and Lunches for My Kids

Because let’s face it: I need to make sure my Facebook friends and Instagram followers know what a good mom I am. I’ll get up hours early to squirt designer pancakes into the griddle and pack lunches with sandwiches that look like angry birds and veggies that look like woodland creatures. My child will eat everything in his lunch because it looks cute and because I spent so much time making it!

I Will Keep Up on My Personal Blog

My seven followers need to know what’s been going on since my first child turned one…4 years ago. I will do a much better job this time around of keeping it updated on what we’re doing, adorable family photos and let them in on the fact that I now have two more kids. And we’ve moved. Twice.

I Will “Let It Go”

Have you heard that song enough?  That movie is still being played on repeat in my home. But the words can ring true to every momma. We really do need to take a page out of Elsa’s book and just Let it Freaking Go. Everything! All Those resolutions above? Sure they’re each attainable but it’s ok if you can’t pull it all off! We moms have THE most important jobs on the planet: we are raising people. Not kids…People. Who will one day be adults. Take the time to pat yourself on the back for an amazing 2014 (even if it doesn’t feel like it was amazing). It’s ok if you’re home isn’t picture perfect everyday (or at all). It’s 0k if you get frustrated with your kids. It’s ok if your “me time” is sneaking cake into the bathroom because you don’t wanna share. It’s ok if your budget isn’t perfect all the time. It’s ok if you scream in your car at that mom in the beemer who cut in front of you in the pick-up line at school. It’s ok to have a muffin top (or to buy bigger pants!). It’s ok to have laundry folded next to your bed for weeks (it really is, right?). It’s ok if your life isn’t right out of Pinterest with the adorable lunches, celebrations, decorated home, perfect “hot mom” outfit daily, fun activities and more…

You did it! You made it through the last year with happy kids who love you so very very much. Make that your Resolution. To repeat. Ditto. Do it again. Live life happily and love every second of it…no matter how chaotic.