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A modern kid's gallery wall

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am in the process of re-decorating my oldest son’s room into a room he will share with my middle guy. We are making it fit both personalities with a fun and modern feel without being overly “childish” so that they can grow in the room.

The color theme I (very loosely) stick to is a pale blue, dark orange and white but there are all kinds of other little pops of similar colors as well. Keeping it modern means not necessarily sticking to a specific color scheme, but rather more sticking with the things YOU (or in this case my boys) like!Cardboard Deer Bust

The gallery wall started with this cardboard deer bust. We were walking through JoAnn Fabrics and my son saw a wall of different animal busts you can build out of cardboard and said he needed one in his room. Choosing from the selection proved hard for him though…the unicorn and elephant were calling to him but in the end the antlers on this deer bust won him over. We started there and just started to pick other pieces that would fit along with designing a few just for my boys (and now YOU!)Modern Kids Gallery Wall

1. The lightning bolt image is a free download from Little Inspiration. I have had it pinned for the longest time and I’m finally able to use it!
2. The Swiss Cross oval was just a wooden plaque that I bought pre-cut at Michaels and painted.
3. The Be Adventurous mountains I found at Hobby Lobby
4. This cute photo of my boys is in the silver Ribba Frame from Ikea
5. I designed this Batman is my Spirit Animal, and it is available on the Simply Real Moms’ Etsy page. More superheros coming soon!
6. Hug Life was designed by me as well and is available for free download below.
7. This fox print was a gift from Thimblepress. I loved it so much and so did my boys! Thimblepress makes the gorgeous push pops we used for our gender reveal photoshoot!
8. The geometric tiger print was also designed by me and is available for free download below!

Also included on the wall is a retro Iron Man canvas I found for a great deal at TJ Maxx, but I have also seen the same print (along with a ton of amazing superhero decor) at Hobby Lobby!

Modern Kid's Gallery Wall & Bookshelf

I love the organized chaos feel of this gallery wall, and it looks great over top of our Ikea Hack Bookshelves (tutorial coming later this week and will be linked here). This is a fun and modern way to decorate our boys’ room and they both LOVE every single bit of it!

To hang it, I simply lay it out on the floor in the layout I want for the wall. I then turn each piece over (other than the deer in this instance), place wax paper or even wrapping paper over the entire group and poke holes where each photo will hang! Then you flip it over, tape up onto the wall where you want it and simply put a nail into each hole! If the gallery is too tall for one piece of paper, I tape a few together.

Feel free to click below and print these designs for your own child’s room. Please only use these for personal use-the designs belong to Simply Real Moms and are not to be sold.

Free Hug Life PrintableFree Geo Tiger Printable

*I was not compensated for mentioning any of the brands listed. This room is fully paid for by me.