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In January of this year, First Response unveiled a pregnancy test unlike any other. It took 10 steps ahead in the tech world, leaving the everyday pink line pregnancy test in the dust with their new bluetooth technology. But is it really worth the extra money ($7+ more) to have the latest in pregnancy technology at your fingertips?
I tend to be pretty stingy on a lot of things and am very careful where I spend extra money. I’m a sucker for a cool product though and when I see true value in upgrading I am willing to spend more.Bluetooth Pregnancy Test
Here’s the info on the Pregnancy PRO from First Response:

The test will sync with the First Response app to give you your test results, as well as resources and support for your particular stage in pregnancy.Pregnancy PRO How To
But really?
You’re paying extra money for a ton of extra steps! The test itself still digitally tells you if your pregnant or not with a Yes or a NoPregnancy PRO resultsIt just ALSO tells you on your app-in pretty much the same amount of time as your typical at home pregnancy test.Pregnancy PRO appLike I said, I love a step up in the tech world, but I honestly cannot justify paying extra money and spending extra time to get the exact same result. The app doesn’t seem like anything special and in fact, we highly recommend using the What To Expect app before and during your pregnancy. I love the resources and community in there!
All in all, this comes across as a major waste of money in the name of having the latest and greatest. Guess what? Dollar store basic pregnancy tests work just as well and use the same technology-just without a digital answer! Stock up on those or THESE from Amazon (what I personally use, and they also sell ovulation tests as well) and worry less about getting your result on your test AND on your phone.

What are your thoughts? Are you intrigued?