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I don’t know if your PMS is like mine but I swear every month right before aunt flow rears her ugly head, I am stricken with this paranoia that I am pregnant, even before I am late. Earlier this week, as I was talking to my pregnant best friend and PMSing at the same time I realized that my symptoms are totally like being pregnant! No wonder why I am paranoid every single month.

Seriously PMS, knock it off. Stop tricking me into thinking I am pregnant.

At least with pregnancy I get a beautiful human being out of it. With you I get to be uncomfortable for 5 days while rockin’ my grandma panties. Sexy, I know. Seriously though, if you were to look up signs of PMS, it starts to sound an awful lot like pregnancy.

Here are 9 ways PMS is like Pregnancy

PMS and Pregnancy

Sore Boobs

One word. OUCH! While they may not be as sensitive and painful as when I was pregnant, they still hurt and they still get bigger. I will take the growth, just not the pain.

Weight Gain

Why? Why do we have to gain weight with everything? I swear the bloating I get from PMS has me looking at myself in the mirror staring at my stomach thinking.. “it looks like I am already 3 months pregnant. I just have to be pregnant. That just came out of no where.” Because as we all know with pregnancy you go from looking like you are rocking a beer gut to you looking 6 months pregnant overnight.

Why can’t PMS do the opposite? I will gladly take losing 5 pounds, maybe it’ll make me less emotional.

Emotional Instability/ Mood Swings

Speaking of being emotional… I swear my poor husband can’t catch a break. Women are already emotional as it is, then you throw in PMS or pregnancy and it is on a whole new level. During PMS I am crying and upset for almost a week. Then, on the chance we get pregnant, I am crying and upset for 9 whole months. His poor soul.


Oh the cravings. This is actually my favorite part of both PMSing and being pregnant. I love food. Just earlier this week I sent my husband about 6 texts in a row reminding him not to forget to buy me some ice cream.

My actual texts to my husband

Once my PMS comes, my diet and my 3 weeks of working out gets thrown out the door. Goodbye veggies and fruits. Hello salty, fattening everything!


I have never felt so tired in my life than when I am either pregnant or PMSing. Bedtime can’t come soon enough. All I want to do is lay down with a blanket and binge watch Real Housewives of Orange County all day long while I eat ice cream and potato chips.


What are we… teenagers again? Seriously, cut that out. I can’t tell if it’s from all the chocolate I have been eating or my hormones being out of whack. Maybe it’s both. Either way, it has shown up uninvited and I don’t appreciate it.


Cramping, the only thing that can knock me off my feet and have me curled up on the couch rocking like a baby. Cramps, I hate you. They show up during PMS and in the beginning of pregnancy.. and in the middle… and at the end. I can definitely do without this one, too.


Spotting can be super tricky. You can spot before your period, you can spot before you find out your pregnant. Either way, a box of pantyliner’s are probably your best friend around that time of the month.


Nausea was usually a clear sign for me that I was pregnant. Little did I know that nausea can show up during PMS as well. I had my first experience of it earlier this week and boy did it suck.

Maybe I should have titled this article the 9 horrible things pregnancy and PMS have in common. Quite frankly I could do without all these things!

Is there anything you can add?