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The weather is finally starting to get nice outside and summer is right around the corner. My kids have gotten too comfortable being in front of the TV and it’s time to get them back to being outside and having fun.

There’s nothing like the warm sun hitting your face, and I want to make sure my kids take full advantage.


Here are 8 ways to get your kid active this summer.

Go on a hike- Hiking is a fun way to get your kids out of the neighborhood and explore the nature that’s around. We typically bring a small backpack with snacks to refuel like granola bars and Capri Sun Organic.

Go on a bike ride- Dust off those bikes and hit the neighborhood. You can even spice up the excitement by making it a race.

Head to the swimming pool- Many cities have a local public pool. Call up some friends and make it a day trip. Don’t forget to pack some snacks!

Have a picnic- If you live near a park, pack up some food and walk to the park. Let your kids play as you set up your lunch, then enjoy some quality time in the sun.

Have a dance party- Create an awesome playlist set on Apple Music or Spotify, open up all the windows, and play some fun tunes your kids enjoy. Don’t forget to join in on the fun!

Go to the beach or lake- Make a day trip (or weekend trip) to the beach or lake. This not only gets your kids out, but it gets them active by swimming and playing outside.

Play outside sports- No need to join an organized league, just break out the soccer ball, baseball or whichever sport your kids enjoy and have a friendly competition.

Check a summer camp program- There are good ones out there and one may be perfect for your child. It gets them doing things they haven’t done before, all while having fun and making new friends.

With all the activities you will want to make sure your kids are refreshed so you can continue the fun. Our family loves CAPRI SUN Organic, which is certified USDA organic. Capri Sun Organics contains one serving of fruit (Each  pouch provides 1/2 cup fruit juice which is one serving of fruit according to the U.S. Dietary Guidelines).

It is also made with 66%  fruit juice with no sugar added, and no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. There is also 100% recommended Daily Value Vitamin C.


Disclosure: This is post is sponsored Capri Sun. All opinions are our own.