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6 Tips for having a Safe SummerSummer is known as “trauma season” among public health and medical professionals in the United States as serious injuries and unintentional deaths increase dramatically among children during these months. We recently attended a fun super hero themed event with our kids at the Shriners Children’s Hospital in Sacramento where they educated our family on the risks of accidents and injuries that surround Summer activities. Shriners Safe Summer eventSuper Simply Real KidShriners Hospitals for Children is hoping that with this On Track For A Safe Summer campaign to try and reduce the number of injuries they see by spreading the word on how to keep your family safer in the Summer months!
Here are the 6 very important tips we learned at their fun Super Hero event:

1. Always Wear Sunscreen

View More: all know the importance of wearing sunscreen, but we don’t all do it all the time. Making sure to always wear sunscreen while outside and to re-apply every 2 hours, after being in the water or sweating significantly to make sure you are properly covered from harmful UV rays.

2. Never Play On Or Around A Lawnmower

View More: sure to explain the dangers of lawnmowers and keep children a safe distance from them, whether they are on or off. (Obviously play lawnmowers are ok, but make sure kids know the difference and that the real thing isn’t safe)

3. Always Wear A Coast-Guard Approved, Properly Fitting Life Jacket

Wear a Life Jacket!Whether boating or swimming in lakes or the ocean, it is important even for the strongest swimmers to be wearing a life jacket. Powerful currents can harm even full grown adults, so make sure your child is safe and fitted with a jacket that is made for a person their size, even if they are just playing near the water.

4. Never Play With Or Near Fire

View More: is full of fun that sometimes includes fire. Fire pits, fireworks, bonfires, grills and campfires are all to be treated with respect! Make sure fires are properly supervised by an adult, and let children know that the are around a fire is not a play area. Accidents happen quickly during play, and it would be tragic to include fire in a play accident.

5. Never Swim Alone Or Go Near Water Without An Adult

View More: your children know the importance of never swimming alone. An adult should always be present when children are in the water or playing with water.

6. Playground Safety

Summer Playground Safety TipsSo many injuries happen at the playground, but making sure to follow some simple rules will help bring that number down. Swing sitting down, slide feet first, one child at a time, and do not push or shove others anywhere on the playground.

Overall, make sure to keep eyes on your child at all times. Even in large groups with many adults present a child can get hurt because someone always assumes someone else is watching. Be diligent in keeping an eye on your children or making sure that someone else is watching them when you can’t.

Should an accident occur, Shriners Hospitals for Children® can help. As the leaders in specialty pediatric care, Shriners Hospitals for Children’s staff provides expert surgical and rehabilitative care to children with orthopedic conditions, spinal cord injuries and burns, regardless of the families’ ability to pay.
Shriners Hospitals for Children® wants all kids to enjoy a safe, injury-free summer. For additional safety tips and activity pages for children, visit THIS SITE.

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