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I am not one of those women who loves being pregnant. While I love the end result of holding my beautiful little baby in my arms, I have always had difficult pregnancies filled with lots of random pregnancy related symptoms. I am not one that likes to resort to medication for common ailments, so throughout both of my pregnancies I researched natural home remedies to help me survive these uncomfortable months. Here are some of the home remedies that have worked for me—I hope they work for you too!

6 Home Remedies for Common Pregnancy Ailments:

6 Home Remedies for Common Pregnancy Ailments:

Leg Cramps—No one likes waking up in the middle of the night in sheer pain because you have a horrible leg cramp! I fell victim to terrible leg cramps every night until a good friend of mine told me her mom uses a bar of soap for leg cramps! I know, it sounds crazy and I initially figured it was just an old wives tale, but after researching a bit, I found out that it seems to work for a lot of people! I was so desperate that I slipped a bar of soap between my sheets before I went to bed.  Sure enough, it worked for me and I didn’t have one more leg cramp after that!  If you suffer from leg cramps, this is one wives tale that is worth a try!

Headaches—I like to avoid medication at all costs during pregnancy. But what do you do when you get a horrible headache? Try eating a bowl of cherries! Cherries have a natural pain-relieving agent in them, which makes them perfect for relieving headaches. Pop a few cherries in your mouth the next time you feel a headache coming on and feel better soon!

Itchy skin—With my last pregnancy, I was plagued with horribly itchy skin. I was so miserable I couldn’t even sleep at night. I tried everything imaginable and was even prescribed a topical medication, but nothing worked! The only thing that gave me relief was rubbing olive oil all over my belly and icing my skin at night. The olive oil helped calm the skin and the ice numbed it so I wouldn’t feel the itching sensation as much.

Stretch marks—My whole family swears by coconut oil! All of the women in my family have used it during pregnancy and not one of us has gotten stretch marks. Coconut oil keeps your skin well hydrated and aids in retaining elasticity, which helps with those nasty stretch marks. Not only does it help prevent stretch marks, it smells fantastic and I even use it as a moisturizer when I am not pregnant. Coconut oil is seriously one of my favorite products; even after your pregnancy, there are tons of great uses for it. I have recently been using it as a diaper rash cream and it has worked wonders! Diaper rash cream usually takes a day or two to heal rashes and I swear that coconut oil has improved diaper rash for my kids within four or five hours! It is AMAZING! Also, I love that it goes on your baby’s bottom easily and is easy to wipe off during diaper changes.

Swelling—After my last child was born, I had horrible swelling in my legs and feet! They were so swollen that it hurt to walk! A friend of mine shared her secret recipe for swelling, and after one night of treatment, I woke up the next day and my swelling had really gone down!

Treat the swelling by taking a cotton ball soaked in apple cider vinegar and rubbing it over your swollen legs and feet. Then cut up a cucumber into thin slices, place them on your feet and wrap them up with an ace bandage wrap.  Prop your feet up and let sit for one to two hours. Take the bandages off and voila, the swelling will go down!

Morning sickness—I am one of those unlucky mamas who suffers from horrible morning sickness. After trying several different things, I found ginger (either ginger candy or tea) and vitamin B6 to be the most effective treatments for me. I would start each morning with ginger tea and a vitamin B6 supplement and that would help me get through the day without several trips to the bathroom!

I hope you find some of these home remedies to be useful during your pregnancy. *This advice should not replace the advice of your doctor.