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Potty training can be both exhausting and frustrating. It is honestly one of those parenting duties I wish I could skip and hire a professional instead. However, I have learned some tips that helped me in my recent potty training adventure with my youngest son that made it much easier.

5 tips for potty training

  1. Consistency is key! Put your child on the potty every 20 minutes. Even if they don’t have to go, suggest they at least try. Once they have gone a couple times, they will start to understand where they are supposed to go and you can slowly increase the time in between.
  2. Don’t be afraid to bribe! This is an exciting thing for children and a huge accomplishment often missed due to frustration. If they are older and understand, I suggest a potty chart. Every time they go pee in the potty they can add a sticker and after 5 stickers they get a snack of their choice. Or you can even offer a couple little M&M’s whenever they use the potty. Whatever you decide to do, make sure it is something you are comfortable offering.
  3. Praise! Peeing on the potty is a BIG deal and one that should be praised! Children love nothing more than making you proud, so show them you are!
  4. Patience is a virtue! It’s important to remember every kid is ready on his or her own time. Your oldest may have been potty trained by 12 months, and maybe your second won’t be until they are 24 months. Either way, it is ok! If you find you are getting upset at your toddler and on the verge of having a mental breakdown, it’s ok to take a couple day break and go back at it later. Just remember, on the day you get back to potty training to be consistent again. Sometimes you both need that break.
  5. Pick the right training pant for your child. Whether you decide to train them naked, with cloth underwear or with a disposable training pant, make sure it is something you both agree on. For our family we always stuck with a training pant. Not only did this get the children excited to become “big kids” but also it helped when they would have an accident (which happens during training) not to get all over my floor. Plus, you will want to keep them on hand for when they nap and sleep at night.

Pampers Easy Ups is a great brand to check out when potty training. They leak less than Huggies*. Pampers Easy Ups also have adorable characters that your kids know and love making potty training that much more fun! They come in toddler sizing that matches the size of your child’s clothes, which makes buying so much easier and quicker.

*Based on size 4 Pull-Ups Learning Designs. Huggies Pull-Ups is a registered trademark of Kimberly-Clark.


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