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Lat week I received an awesome Holiday Tool Kit from Office Depot. With time narrowing down to send out the last of our Christmas cards and finish wrapping gifts, it was a great addition to my “Holiday Workshop.”

Wrapping Christmas presents is one of my favorite things to do. I put just as much time in the wrapping process as I do buying the gift. Wrapping holiday gifts doesn’t have to be cheesy and you can make it look professionally wrapped and impressive easily, without costing you a lot.

Here are some great tips for creating gorgeously wrapped Holiday gifts.

How to Wrap the Perfect Gift

1. Glitter makes everything pretty!
I have a serious obsession with glitter and I am so glad that it is in for the Holidays. Adding sparkly ribbon to a gift makes it look elegant and really stands out!

christmas3 (1 of 1)

2. DIY Wrapping Paper
Creating your own wrapping paper is easy and cheap! I love doing this as it really adds a personal touch. Simply add your favorite stamps to your paper, then once the ink is dry, wrap the gift. If you want to save some time, wrap the gift then add the stamps you want.


3. Custom Gift Tags
This is one of my absolute favorite additions to a gift. Whether you add the receivers initial or a fun holiday saying, it will add a lot of style to your gift.

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4. Holiday Work Station
There’s nothing like losing your Holiday tools needed to wrap your gifts. To help insure I don’t lose my tape, scissors, tags or ribbon, I keep everything organized in a box that sits next to me. That way I can pull out what I need without stressing where I put it last.


5. Getting into the Holiday spirit
To get yourself into the gift wrapping mood, I highly suggest playing Christmas music. Seems silly, but it’s a great way to zone out and get into the spirit. My favorite Christmas station on Pandora is the Mariah Carey (Holiday) Radio station. This year, thanks to Office Depot, I have been playing the station through my new Craig Bluetooth Speaker.

I also suggest having a nice cup of hot cocoa ready to be sipped and enjoyed. It will help you relax and focus on those gorgeous gifts that are about to be wrapped.