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As a new mom, I was completely lost. I wish it had come easy to me, but it didn’t. I was often embarrassed to even admit the fact that it was my husband who taught me how to hold my son when he was a newborn, to change a diaper, and to even swaddle. Eventually, all the steps involved with being a mother came and by the time we had our second child, I was more than ready to tackle being a new mom again.


Now that my kids are older, I often find myself reflecting on the times that they were born— all the milestones involved, and all the times I thought I was failing as a mom, to only learn that it made me a better mom in the long run. With my friends now having babies, I get asked the same questions all the time: What are products I need as a new mom and what are things I should know about being a new mom.


Here are 5 things I wish I had known as a new mom:

1- Babies aren’t as fragile as they look. Seriously, don’t be afraid of your baby. They are completely flexible and won’t break if you touch them.

2- Laundry soap is EVERYTHING! Babies go through so many changes of clothing in one day. From diaper blow-outs, spit up, drool, and more, you will find yourself washing more clothes than you ever imagined. Luckily for us, Dreft has literally thought of everything and is my #1 recommended laundry detergent for washing your baby’s clothing.

Dreft Stage 1: Newborn Liquid Detergent: is specially made for newborn babies’ delicate skin. That’s why it’s the #1 Choice of Pediatricians and has been trusted by moms for over 80 years. So swaddle your newborn in fabric washed with Dreft’s hypoallergenic formula, designed to be tough on stains while still providing the utmost care for baby’s skin.

Dreft Stage 2: Active Baby- Yes, they even thought of detergent for the growing stages! Dreft Active Baby detergent is specially designed with your developing baby in mind. That’s why it helps remove 99% of baby food stains and all the messes baby finds while crawling in grass and dirt. Let Dreft Active Baby care for the messes, so you can spend more time enjoying the precious moments of babyhood.

Dreft Blissfuls: Dreft Blissfuls in-wash scent booster gives you more of that baby fresh scent you love. Use it in any load of laundry for long-lasting freshness. Your child is only a baby for one year, but Dreft Blissfuls can bring back that amazing baby fresh scent (and all those memories) whenever you want. I honestly still use these in my kids’ laundry and they are 5 and 9 now. Every time I wash their clothes it brings back some incredible memories of when they were babies and wanted to snuggle with me all the time. Plus, it helps get rid of the stinky smell on all their sports clothing.

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3- Write milestones down. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on some fancy baby journal, but whether you use a calendar already on your wall, or a notebook full of plain paper, make sure you write everything down. One day when your children are older, you will be glad to look through and remember what your child’s first solid food was, how old they were when they learned to crawl, what their favorite toy was, and more.

4- Don’t sleep when the baby’s sleeping. To sleep while the baby is sleeping is advice you will most often get. However, in my opinion,you work while the baby is sleeping. When your child is asleep it’s honestly the best time to catch up on laundry, house cleaning, showering, etc. It may not sound like the most fun, but you really don’t want to play catch up on all that laundry. Just throw it into the wash with some Dreft Stage 1: Newborn Liquid Detergent and hop into the shower while you wait for the wash to be done, or, if you’re really exhausted, set your alarm and get a few minutes of rest before the load needs to be moved into the dryer.

5- Enjoy every last minute with them. Don’t be stuck on wondering if you are being a good enough mother, because the answer is, you are being the BEST mother your child needs. Parenting isn’t perfect, you will hit bumpy roads along the way, but as long as you love your child and have the best intentions for them, you will be just fine. So take a deep breath and enjoy them while they are little because they really do grow up quickly.

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