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5 Steps to Healthier Kids

As the cold winter months leave and nicer weather appears, my kids have been getting the itch to be more active and play outside. With summer nearly here, we have started our summer vacation plans, which include a lot of outdoor activities like hiking and vacationing in places we’ve never traveled to.

Because of our busy schedule, we have been incorporating ways to get and stay healthier.

Here are 5 steps to healthier kids:

1. Drink more fluids. Keeping your children hydrated is key! I find giving them fun bottles of water helps to encourage them to drink more than they would normally drink. Whether it’s a water bottle with their favorite cartoon character, a bottle with a straw, or even infused water, getting them excited about drinking water, will do wonders for them.

2. Vitamins. Sometimes it’s hard as parents to make sure kids are getting the right nutrients in a day, which is why my kids take L’il Critters™Gummy Vites™. L’il Critters™, the #1 Kids Gummy Vitamin brand is a fun and delicious way to support your kid’s healthy habits. Did you know to meet the recommended daily intake of fruits & vegetables, moderately active girls and boys would need to eat 1.5 cups of fruit and 2-3 cups of vegetables a day? As a mom, it is important to me to make sure my kids are eating healthy. But sometimes a busy on-the- go lifestyle or having a child who is a picky eater makes it difficult to ensure they have received adequate nutrition. L’il Critters™ gummy vitamins help establish healthy habits, provide essential nutrients, are great tasting, and are made with natural fruit flavors and colors derived from fruits, vegetables and plants.

3. Sleep. While summer vacation is almost here, staying on a strict sleep schedule is important for children.

4. Washing hands frequently. There’s no quicker way to pass germs than by the hands. Make sure your kids (and you) are washing your hands throughout the day. I usually keep a fun smelling hand soap, like pear, in my kids bathroom to get them excited about washing their hands and making them smell yummy!

5. Staying active. Keep your kids moving and grooving, especially as the weather gets nicer outside. Go on hikes, head to the beach or your local parks, take sunset bike rides, whatever you decide to do, be active as a family.

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