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5 more minutes momBedtime with three young boys is complicated most nights. Each boy is in a different stage, making things crazy for my husband and I. We have to focus on keeping a routine as much as possible and then tag team the kids until they are asleep.

Unfortunately, sleep doesn’t always come easily and we tend to have a lot of stall tactics coming from our oldest, which has taught our middle son the same behavior! One night, the excuse was that we had read too many books and his brain was too busy…and then another night we didn’t read enough. We’ve had stories of monsters, aliens, the wrong pajamas, toys that he thought weren’t put away correctly, and the most used stall tactic: the perfect brightness of the hall light dimmer.

We have tried so many different ideas to help our boys stay in bed and most of them work for a few nights before they come up with a new excuse. We have perfected our routine, it’s just switching up the actual bedtime that changes.

We were thrilled when Netflix unveiled a series of 5 minute Favorites from Dinotrux (one of my boys’ FAVORITE shows!) because it’s a new way to wind them down quickly in a low key way. With the promise of 5 more minutes before they have to go to bed, they cozy up in their jammies and we watch a short from Dinotrux. When it’s over, they run to their room for a quick bedtime story and then it’s lights out!DinotruxNetflix has this adorable test to see what kind of bedtime staller your little one is…and I would have to say that my sons are a good mix of Chet from Turbo Fast and Mr. Peabody from the Mr. Peabody and Sherman Show! It really depends on the night. Which is your child??

Bedtime Stall Tactics

What is your child(ren)’s most outrageous excuse to stall bedtime??


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