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Summer is coming to an end quickly and before you know it, the cooler, fall weather will be here! You might not have checked off everything on your bucket list of summer activities (check out this one of 50 Free Summer Activities), but there is still time to have do some last minute family summer activities.

5 Last Minute Family Summer Activities

  1. Obstacle course: Build an outdoor obstacle course with your family–complete with some crazy, fun and even water ideas (here are 10 easy water ideas to add to your obstacle course)! Time each other and see who has the best time in your family. It doesn’t have to be fancy to be fun. A section where you have to run backwards or do a log roll is bound to make everyone giggle and have a good time!
  2. Plan to be spontaneous without costing a dime: Pack up a picnic lunch and plan a day that’s not planned with only one rule–Nothing you do can cost any money. What?! I know…this might be harder said than done (especially for those of us who like to know what’s going to happen throughout the day). But who knows where this will take you! Let your child take lead for the day as to what to do throughout the day.
  3. Putt-putt plus: A simple night of putt-putt, go cart racing and ice cream always makes for laughter, fun and memories your family with look back on fondly.
  4. Drive-in movie theater: Hit a drive-in movie theater. So many children never get to see a movie a drive-in these days that it really is a something they will talk about time and time again. Bring some blankets, snacks and more.
  5. Having a camp out: Camping–even if it means in the backyard or setting up shop with blankets and a fort in the living room. Having a night of stories, s’mores, sleeping together, etc…

Do you have any last minute plans to wrap up your summer and make the end of summer memorable for your family?