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Summer is a time my family and I take on adventures. With the gorgeous weather and beautiful surroundings of California, we like to be out as much as we can. Luckily for us, we have so many wonderful hiking trails that we enjoy exploring. Because of the heat and amount of walking we do, finding ways to refuel is extremely important for our health and for our energy.


Throughout the years, I have learned some great ways to keep my family fueled while on the go. From hiking adventures to sports practices, to everyday errands, we as moms need something easy and something that works!

Here are some easy tips I use for my family:

  1. Keep reusable water bottles around. When you’re on the run you can quickly grab the water bottle, fill it up and take it with you. Water is an important necessity in staying fueled and hydrated! For our family I learned that owning two reusable bottles per person works great.
  2. Carry some nutritious snacks with you and say no to the sugary junk foods. Our family loves Nature Valley Oats n’ Honey bars. In fact, our pantry is always stocked with them. I can easily throw them into my backpack or purse and not have to worry about them melting. Plus, they don’t take up much room and you don’t need to use a wet wipe after eating, which is important for me when I’m with my kids.
  1. Speaking of wet wipes…. It is always smart to have them. For our family we always bring a few baby wipes. Usually half way into our hike my kids start getting a little tired so we take a break and often times I will wipe their faces and arms as a quick little refresher. Think about it this way, when you are tired and wash your face, doesn’t it give you a little extra energy? I know it does for me and it seems to work for my children as well.
  2. Dress your child in light-colored clothing that is designed to encourage evaporation (ie: stay away from 100% cotton). This will help them to keep cool, giving them more energy.
  1. TAKE BREAKS! Seriously. Their little bodies are doing so much more work than us so don’t forget to stop and take breaks often.  For us it’s a chance to reflect on what we have done already, what we are excited to explore when we keep going and of course, snack on those incredibly delicious Nature Valley Oats n’ Honey bars


This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Nature Valley Oats n’ Honey bars. All opinions are my own