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Enough with the weight loss and exercise resolutions. Let’s get real for 2013 and make some resolutions we can keep!

Here are five easy ones that you will not only be able to keep, you’ll enjoy keeping them!

  1. More “me” time: Ever find yourself in the cycle of non-stop child care day after day after day? When was the last time you saw your friends? Resolve to give yourself at least a half hour of “me” time every week. Whether it’s something simple like a luxurious bubble bath or a weeknight out to dinner with your BFF, or manicure and pedicure, make it happen. You’ll be a better person, mom and wife if you focus on YOU every once in a while.
  2. Monthly date nights: You know that person you sleep next to every night? Yeah, I think he’s called your husband … It’s time to reconnect. Make it a priority to get out with him at least once a month—and I’m not talking about a quick trip to the movies. Take a few hours to go have drinks, a nice long dinner and maybe even an overnight at a hotel or B&B. Remember, your relationship is the glue that holds your family together and it must be nurtured!
  3. Weekly mommy meet-ups: Nobody is going to understand your daily ups and downs like another mom! Arrange a weekly meet-up with some mom friends. It can be anything from coffee to play dates with the kids. Even if you are watching the little ones the whole time, at least you have another adult to talk to, which we all know is priceless if you’ve been trapped with a two-year-old for too long!
  4. Lend a hand: Do you have a friend with a new baby? Or maybe you know someone who has just been diagnosed with an illness or broke a leg. Reach out and offer to watch one of their kids, prepare a meal or help clean the house. They’ll appreciate it more than you’ll ever know!
  5. Hire help: Whether it’s a cleaning service, baby sitter or gardener, find it in your budget to get a little help around the house this year. Even if you only have a cleaning person come in every six weeks or a gardener to come in just once to give you a little landscaping advice, plan to save a little extra out of another part of your household budget for one of these small luxuries!