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Growing up, my mom somehow always managed to have the house clean, even with 3 kids who were always making a mess. Back then I never really paid attention to the things she was doing. I just knew the house was clean and she still had a lot of time to play with us and have food on the table every night.

It wasn’t until I became a mom that I wondered how she managed to do it all. I barely had any time for myself, let alone cleaning the house. I remember one day I was so fed up with spending an entire day cleaning that I asked her how she did it all. What was this magical trick she did that always kept the house straightened up. She assured me it wasn’t magic, but by creating cleaning habits that you do every day, sometimes multiple times a day. By doing it all the time, you then create a habit and really don’t think about it anymore.


Here are 5 cleaning habits you need to learn.

Make Your Bed When You Wake Up:

It takes less than a minute to make your bed, so do it right when you wake up. Even if your room is slightly messy, this can make a huge difference in the appearance of your bedroom.

Dust Weekly:

Set a day of the week (or two) for dusting. Maybe it’s on Mondays after the weekend or Fridays before your weekend starts. Dusting is an important part of cleaning that often gets overlooked. If you look up what dust is composed of, you may be more motivated to make it a habit.


To make dusting a lot easier, Home Depot has several items like this Small Microfiber Duster. It’s small enough to fit into tight spaces, the duster head easily comes off to wash it, you don’t need to use any chemical spray for it to work, and it’s completely affordable. So if you’re on a budget, this is for you.

Take Out The Trash When It’s Full:

This may seem like a no brainer, but unfortunately it’s something that doesn’t seem too important when you have a lot to do during the day. If you notice the trashcan is full, simply take out the trash. Don’t let it sit there, because chances are you’ll need to throw some things away and they won’t fit.


I personally recommend the HDX FlexPro Kitchen Trash Bag with Fresh Scent from The Home Depot. They are thick so loading up on the garbage won’t be an issue and the drawstring is expandable so the bags won’t slip down easily. Plus, the scent helps with the odor of the trash sitting inside the can, and it can add a great smell to any small space your trashcan may be sitting inside of.

Teaching Your Kids How To Clean Up After Themselves:

This is a place where kids will learn by example. By teaching your kids to clean up after themselves, you are helping to avoid big messes. Make it a point to tell them after they are done with their Legos they have to put them away in order to draw with their crayons. After each activity they do, they should be picking up. It goes the same for you. After each thing you do, maybe bills, reading a book, etc., make sure to pick up after yourself.

Clean Up After EVERY Meal:

I don’t know about you, but somehow eating creates a big mess for me. From prepping the meal, to the dishes at the end, my kitchen can sometimes look like a disaster came through. I find that cleaning each cooking gadget as I am done using them helps to keep my kitchen area clean and gives me less work to do at the end of eating my meal. If there’s a spill, clean it up right away with HDX Paper Towels. Not only are they 50% more absorbent, but also you can adjust the size you want, so you aren’t wasting a whole sheet of a paper towel when you only need about half of it.


Another thing I like to do is add a disposable ball into my garbage disposal. Have you ever walked into your house and thought, “man, what’s that smell?” Chances are it was your garbage disposal. Pop a disposable ball down your garbage disposal once a week to clean through the grime that’s stuck down there.


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Are there any cleaning habits you found that have been beneficial in keeping your home clean?