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One of my favorite times of year, 4th of July! While there are so many stores that carry Americana Apparel for 4th of July, we are always on the hunt for new original duds for our little dudes and little ladies. We had such an awesome and fun time shooting amazing children’s clothing shops that are a MUST, not only for your 4th of July party apparel but for everyday apparel. Check this years style guide!

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Liam is wearing SlyFox Threads “Merica” hat that we love for all year round. His “stars” bandana bib is the one of my favorite accessories made by Chicken and Charlie, a local shop here in CA. Red “Merica” tee is designed by Dirt and Dazzle Boutique and the little stars and stripes shorts are by Laure Leaf Creations. Liam’s Mocassins are from Starry knight design . I have been dressing Liam in Mocassins since he was born and was so happy to find a shop that still makes them in larger sizes. 

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Olivia is rockin a few pretty awesome shops! Her stars headband is made by Pink Toast Boutique and is our favorite accessory. Stars and stripes sunnies are from Forever 21 , Gold Star and glitter tank is from Plucky mustard. Those AMAZING leggings are from Mann Made and I just love how they match the shorts exactly!

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Seriously, cannot get over this outfit!

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“Merica” Tank matches perfectly with the stars and stripes shorts.

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I always appreciate shops and clothing lines that are made very well. Kids can be so hard on their clothing and think there is a huge misunderstanding that when you shop smaller shops that you are not getting the same quality and that it is more expensive, it couldn’t be more wrong! The quality is not only better, but the customer service is better, the detail is better and the pricing is not much different (in many cases cheaper) then you would pay at your local store. You also cannot put a price tag on originality and uniqueness. I can guarantee when we go out for4th of July  we we get asked a hundred plus times where we bought their clothing, happens all the time.

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We had a bit if a dance party when we went out for this shoot. I wanted to do a few test runs in how the clothing held up, obviously they were not a problem at all.

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Not only are all these shops affordable, they all offer more styles than just 4th of July. Dirty and Drizzle is offering 10% off for all Simply Real Mom Readers with code “SRM10”, so don’t wait to take advantage! Most of these shops offer unique apparel for all holiday’s, so if you missed out on this 4th of July, we will update with some more future kids styles.


* A BIG thank you to Thomas for helping with this kids styled shoot!