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We LOVE the Croods, as do so many other families! The 2013 Dreamworks movie gave us a silly glimpse into the life of cave people as a family, and we fell in love. Now, Dreamworks has teamed up with Netflix to bring us the beginning of this beginning family in Dawn of the Croods!Dawn of the CroodsEvery family goes through so many firsts: first home, first baby, first dates, first time finding a toddler trying to fly off the kitchen counter…the Dawn of the Croods takes you into some of the firsts of the Crood family and it’s so much fun and has such a feel of the original slapstick type cartoons we grew up with.

My family has been through so many firsts, some meaningful, some sad and some downright hilarious. When my third son (that’s right…third BOY) was born, we had taken a lot of care to prepare our second son for what was to come. He was still very young but very excited to have a new baby around. My husband’s parents brought our older two boys to the hospital a few hours after the baby was born to meet their new brother for the first time and I was nervous about how my second was going to react. Croods new baby brotherI was filled with such joy when he burst into the room and ran straight over to the baby to greet him with kisses and hugs, cooing at him and giggling with delight. What a moment! He pulled away and my joy turned to fear as I realized that he had brought a mini Nurf gun in to show his new brother and not only was it aimed at the baby but it was fully loaded as well.

We had a good laugh about it all once the gun was taken away, but moments like that make so many of our family firsts memorable!Family firsts with the Croods

When I told that story to the folks at Dreamworks, they sent over this gif of Sandy pulling Thunks hair for us to share with you. My story of sibling craziness is not unique by any means, and the Croods deal with it in their journeys as well!


Check out all of the firsts of  one of the first families on the Netflix Original Series Dawn of the Croods, now available for streaming!


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