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4moms Breeze

I travel a lot.

All of our extended family live at least 9 hours away from us, making any visits full on travel. With kids in tow, it can get a little crazy with the amount of luggage, toys and strollers but the one thing I ALWAYS like to make sure we have is a travel crib. It keeps baby in a safe place for bed time as well as it gives me a place to put the baby to play and not worry if we’re staying in a hotel (cords and outlets EVERYWHERE!) or if I’m getting ready!

Most travel cribs are nearly impossible to set up to a first timer. Seriously, I think you need a degree in engineering or architecture or something to really be able to figure it out. It takes a seasoned vet to get your typical travel crib open and ready without getting too frustrated.

But there is one travel crib out there that is a BREEZE to open and close. It is fittingly called breeze. Made by 4 moms, one of the leaders in modern baby gear this travel crib is what moms have been asking for for years!

4Moms Breeze

The breeze is so easy to set up- you simply push down on the middle of the crib, and it snaps into ready position! To close it, you just pull up on the strap at the bottom and it folds into itself!! No joke, it really is that easy!

Breeze Demo

breeze comes with a bassinet attachment as well, so it can be used from birth up!

4moms breeze Bassinet

Another thing that is quite a step up from the competitors is the size of the breeze. It is wider and longer than the other portable cribs out there. The breeze measurements are 45.5 x 32 x 29 inches, while others tend to be about 40 x 28.5 x 29 inches! Much longer and wider, making it great for play or for a fidgety sleeper.

We love the breeze and the ease of using it for all of our travel. It makes setting up the baby’s bed at the end of a long trip so much less stressful!

There are a few downsides to the breeze:

It is really heavy.  About 43 pounds to be exact. Now, to me that says sturdy but it is a lot harder to tote around than the 23 pound competitors.

Because of it’s larger size, you can’t use regular play yard sheets you can but at the store. You need to buy theirs. That’s a bummer, but their sheets (shown in the above photo) are SO modern and cool looking!

Overall, I think this is a great product that will be used for your child from birth on, and be able to be used much longer than your average travel crib. 4Moms has an amazing product here, and we are in love with it!

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