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Baby Shower Game Ideas

One thing that always overwhelms me when throwing a baby shower is wondering what games to play. There are so many baby shower games out there— some cheesy, some fun.

Incorporating games into baby showers always intimidated me. After attending a lot of back-to-back showers, I found myself sitting out due to having to replay the same games over and over. When it was time to have my baby shower I wanted to play games that were new, and that would get my guests excited. Here are four baby shower games that are sure to get your guests engaged and having fun!

The Bottle Race:

The Bottle Race

One of my favorite games to play at a baby shower is the Bottle Race. It is one game that always stuck in my head after I first played it at a girlfriend’s baby shower and a game that is always sure to be a hit. The game is simple. You ask for volunteers (2-4), these volunteers have no idea what they are about to play. Once you get the volunteers you hand them each a bottle full of water (or juice), then you explain the rules: whoever finishes their bottle first, wins. Seems simple enough but you will be surprised at how hard it is to drink out of them. The rules aren’t strict either, I have been known to bite the hole in the nipple so the flow is faster.


The String Game:

The String Game

This has become a staple game at most baby showers. You can use a spool of string or a roll of toilet paper, the choice is yours. Have each of your guests cut a piece of the string or toilet paper that they think will match the circumference of the mom and baby bump perfectly. Once the game starts no one is allowed to hug the mom’s baby bump to try and figure out the length. The one who gets closest wins.


Baby Shower Bingo:

Baby Shower Bingo.

Watching the mom-to-be open all her gifts can get a little tiring after the tenth present. Let’s face it, this is usually fun for the mom since she gets all these awesome presents. A great way to keep the guests excited and engaged into all the gifts is to have a fun round of Bingo. To prepare for the Baby Shower Bingo ask all guests to bring 30 coins in any denomination— this could be pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters or a combination. Once it is time to play bingo, ask guests to take out their 30 coins. Pass out the bingo cards and pens and let the guests know that after the game all the coins that were brought by them will be put into the baby’s first piggy bank to start their funds. Not only is this game fun, it is also sentimental.

To play the game have each of the guests fill in each box with a gift they think the mom-to-be will receive or that was on her registry (no repeats!). As she opens each gift they put a coin on the gift she opened. When the guests gets 5 in a row they yell “BINGO!” Below is a free printable Baby Shower Bingo game board for you to use (each one has two game boards per sheet)! Simply click on it to print it out.

Baby Shower Bingo


Midnight Messages:

Midnight Messages

I wouldn’t necessarily consider this to be a “game” but it is something fun and sentimental to do during a baby shower. Get a pack of diapers and sharpie markers and lay them out on a table. Have your guests create a fun midnight message on the diapers for the parents-to-be. Once the baby is born and the parents are ready to use the diapers, they will be reminded of the funny and sweet messages from their friends and family as they put these diapers on their newborn. It will make late night changes a lot more enjoyable. Huggies has some great coupons you can use for the diapers : Click HERE for coupons.

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